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AS/NZS 3004.1:2014


Electrical installations — Marinas and boats, Part 1: Marinas

Included in Electrical installation set
Sets out requirements for electrical installations associated with marinas supplied at low-voltage a.c. supply systems (i.e. exceeding 50 V a.c. but not exceeding 1000 V a.c.
Published: 27/06/2014
Pages: 20
Table of contents
Cited references
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Referenced documents
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Alterations, additions and repairs
1.6 Marine environment electrical safety considerations
1.6.1 Scope
1.6.2 Additional risk factors
1.6.3 Additional protection for equipment safety and instruction labels
1.6.4 Unacceptable measures against electric shock
1.7 Minimization of galvanic corrosion
1.8 Acceptable methods of connection to boats
1.9 Berthing instructions for connection to the marina low-voltage electrical supply
2 Marina electrical installations
2.1 Wiring details
2.1.1 General
2.1.2 Selection of electrical wiring systems Acceptable wiring systems Prohibited systems and materials
2.1.3 Earthing system General Prohibited practices Bonding of metallic pipes and conduits
2.2 Maximum demand of mains and submains
2.3 Isolating transformers
2.3.1 General
2.3.2 Protection
2.4 Switchboards providing low-voltage electrical supply to boats
2.4.1 General
2.4.2 Service pillars Introduction Location Accessibility Socket-outlets Number Configuration and rating Marking of socket-outlets Overload protection Protection against earth leakage current Control Facilities for direct connection Construction of service pillars General Height Weatherproofing Doors and covers Identification
2.4.3 Other switchboards
2.5 Other socket-outlets
3 Connection of boats to a marina low-voltage electrical installation
3.1 Supply lead
3.1.1 General
3.1.2 Coiled leads
3.2 Installation of supply lead
3.3 Earthing
3.3.1 General
3.3.2 Supply through a shore-mounted isolating transformer
3.3.3 Supply through an on-board isolating transformer
3.3.4 Supply without an isolating transformer
4 New installations or additions
4.1 General
4.2 Periodic verification—Australia
4.2.1 Testing
4.2.2 Recording of results
4.3 Periodic verification—New Zealand
4.3.1 Inspection requirements
4.3.2 Testing requirements
4.3.3 Testing of RCDs
4.3.4 Testing of isolating transformers
4.3.5 Certificate of Verification
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
D1 Introduction
D2 Proposed calculation values
D2.1 General
D2.2 Amenities
D2.3 Service pillars
D3 Determination of calculated maximum demand
Appendix E
Cited references in this standard
Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combinations thereof, Part 2.6: Particular requirements and tests for safety isolating transformers and power supply units incorporating safety isolating transformers for general applications
Plugs, fixed or portable socket-outlets and appliance inlets for industrial purposes - Part 2: Dimensional compatibility requirements for pin and contact-tube accessories
Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCBOs), Part 1: General rules (IEC 61009-1, Ed. 3.2 (2013) MOD)
In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment and RCDs
Approval and test specification — Plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for general industrial application
Content history
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DR AS/NZS 3004.1
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