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AS/NZS 2040.2:2021


Performance of household electrical appliances — Clothes washing machines, Part 2: Energy efficiency labelling requirements

Specifies the energy efficiency labelling requirements for electric clothes washing machines intended for household and similar use that are within the scope of the relevant legislation. This Standard defines performance and energy efficiency labelling requirements that a clothes washing machine is to meet in order to to carry a compliant energy rating label. This Standard does not specify safety requirementsKEYWORDS: Clothes washing machine; Energy efficiency; Labelling; Household
Published: 19/02/2021
Pages: 34
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Normative references
1.4 Terms and definitions
1.5 Measured quantities
1.6 Rounding
2 Test requirements, calculations and algorithms for the energy rating label
2.1 General
2.1.1 Introduction
2.1.2 Multi-compartment clothes washing machines
2.2 Processing of data
2.2.1 Program for energy efficiency labelling
2.2.2 Number of units required
2.2.3 Number of tests per unit
2.2.4 Multiple test runs
2.2.5 Results
2.3 Projected annual energy consumption (PAEC)
2.4 Comparative energy consumption (CEC)
2.5 Energy equivalent of residual moisture (Em)
2.6 Base energy consumption (BEC)
2.7 Star rating index (SRI)
2.8 Star rating
3 Performance criteria
3.1 General
3.2 Percentage soil removal and standard deviation
3.3 Water consumption
3.4 Water extraction index
3.5 Severity of washing action index
3.6 Rinse performance
4 Marking requirements
4.1 General
4.2 Appliance details
4.3 Marking location
4.4 Date of manufacture
5 Content, format and affixing energy rating labels
5.1 Affixing the label
5.2 Colours, energy rating label fonts and format
5.2.1 Colours
5.2.2 Fonts
5.2.3 Format
5.3 Label variants
5.4 Content of energy rating label elements
5.4.1 Base energy rating label elements
5.4.2 Super efficiency energy rating label elements
5.4.3 Sample labels
Appendix A
A.1 General
A.2 Measured test results
A.3 Initial calculations
A.4 Star rating index (SRI)
Appendix B
Appendix C
C.1 General
C.2 Scope
C.3 Product registration
C.4 Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement
C.5 Registration status
C.6 Registration in Australia
C.6.1 General
C.6.2 Registration
C.6.3 Data entry requirements
C.6.4 Energy rating label requirements
C.6.5 Test method requirements
C.6.6 Duration of registration
C.6.7 Transition to the requirements of a replacement GEMS Determination
C.7 Registration in New Zealand
C.7.1 General
C.7.2 Registration
C.7.3 Obligations of suppliers
C.7.4 Test report requirements
C.7.5 Duration of registration
C.7.6 Transition to this Standard
C.7.7 Transitional requirements for energy rating label
C.8 Application form
Cited references in this standard
Numerical values — Rounding and interpretation of limiting values
Performance of household electrical appliances — Clothes washing machines, Part 1: Methods for measuring performance, energy and water consumption
Household and similar electrical appliances — Safety, Part 1: General requirements (IEC 60335-1 Ed 5.2, MOD)
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DR AS/NZS 2040.2:2019
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