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AS/NZS 1158.5:2007

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Lighting for roads and public spaces, Part 5: Tunnels and underpasses

Specifies performance and design requirements for lighting schemes for tunnels and underpasses. It also specifies the luminaire data and other design data that is needed to facilitate the lighting design and the assessment of compliance with the requirements of this Standard.
Published: 31/08/2007
Pages: 45
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Referenced documents
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Symbols and abbreviations
2 Objectives and light technical parameters
2.1 Road element classification
2.2 General objective
2.3 Design objectives
2.3.1 Principal objectives
2.3.2 Other considerations
2.4 Lighting subcategories and their application
2.5 Light technical parameters
2.5.1 General
2.5.2 Applicable parameters
2.6 Design lamp lumen value
2.7 Colour rendering
2.8 Energy audit
2.9 Maintenance of light technical parameters
2.9.1 General
2.9.2 Maintenance factor
2.10 Basis of compliance
2.10.1 Compliance of the design
2.10.2 Compliance of the installation
2.11 Determination of stopping sight distance (SSD)
3 Design of lighting schemes for tunnels
3.1 General
3.2 Tunnel lighting categories
3.3 Lighting of the tunnel zones
3.3.1 Access zone luminance
3.3.2 Threshold zone luminance
3.3.3 Transition zone
3.3.4 Interior zone
3.3.5 Exit zone
3.3.6 Luminance and uniformity values Road surface Tunnel walls Daylight screens Merges and diverges in tunnels
3.3.7 Glare contol
3.3.8 Control of flicker effect
3.3.9 Controlling of tunnel lighting to accommodate changing ambient lighting
3.3.10 Night-time lighting Tunnel interiors Tunnel exteriors
4 Design of lighting schemes for underpasses
4.1 General
4.2 Underpass lighting categories
4.3 Lighting of underpasses
4.3.1 Determination of STP
4.3.2 Lighting category TU3
4.3.3 Lighting category TU4
4.3.4 Lighting category TU5
4.3.5 Underpasses formed by twin bridges
4.3.6 Night-time lighting
5 Other lighting requirements
5.1 Mains failure lighting
5.1.1 Subcategory TU1—Long tunnels
5.1.2 Subcategory TU2—Short tunnels
5.1.3 Subcategory TU3—Underpasses with STP <20%
5.1.4 Subcategory TU4—Underpasses with 20%≤STP≤80%
5.1.5 Subcategory TU5—Underpasses with STP>80%
5.1.6 Duplicate power supplies requirements
5.1.7 Mains power failure lighting requirements
5.2 Tunnel signage
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
C1 Driver perceptions
C1.1 On approach to the tunnel
C1.2 Within the tunnel
C2 Tunnel design
C2.1 General
C2.2 On approach to the tunnel
C2.3 Within the tunnel
Appendix D
D1 Assessment of the see-through percentage
D1.1 Preparation of a representation of the underpass
D1.2 Determination of the see-through percentage
D2 Specific situation analysis for determination of need for daytime lighting for lighting—Category TU4
D2.1 Preparation of a representation of the underpass and critical object
D2.2 Determination of the visibility of the critical object
Appendix E
E1 Methodology
E1.1 General
E1.2 The luminance step method
E1.3 The luminance reduction curve method
E2 Light technical parameters
E2.1 Formulae
E2.2 Threshold increment
E2.3 Uniformity
E3 Designated calculation fields
E3.1 Road surface
E3.1.1 Road surface calculation field
E3.1.2 Road surface calculation points
E3.2 Wall surface
E3.2.1 Wall surface calculation field
E3.2.2 Wall surface calculation points
E3.2.3 Inter-reflected light
E3.3 Observer position
E3.4 Luminaire contributions
E4 Photometric data
E4.1 Luminaire light distribution
E4.2 Luminaire data format
E4.3 Road surfaces
E4.4 Other surfaces
E4.5 Rounding of calculated values
Appendix F
F1 General
F2 Luminaire maintenance factor
F3 Lamp lumen depreciation factor
F4 Maintenance factor
F5 Maintenance program
F6 Maintenance of wall luminance
Appendix G
Appendix H
Appendix I
I1 Site plans
I2 Lighting scheme performance requirements
I3 Specific requirements
Appendix J
J1 Mandatory requirements
J2 Optional requirements
Appendix K
K1 Measurement of road and wall luminance
Amendment control sheet
Cited references in this standard
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CIE 132
Design methods for lighting of roads
Lighting for roads and public spaces, Part 0: Introduction
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Content history
[Available Superseded]
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