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AS 5812:2017


Manufacturing and marketing of pet food

This Standard specifies requirements for the production and supply of manufactured food for domesticated dogs and cats. It covers production of pet food, including pet meat from sourcing and receipt of ingredients to storage, processing (including heat treatment), packing, labelling and storage of products to assure its safety for pets. It also includes instructions for application of information provided on labels. It applies to both domestic and imported manufactured pet food products.
Published: 19/09/2017
Pages: 26
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Referenced documents
1.4 Definitions
2 Manufacturing
2.1 Management and production practices at pet food manufacturing establishments
2.1.1 Outcome
2.1.2 Quality assurance system
2.1.3 HACCP plan
2.2 Good manufacturing practices
2.2.1 Outcome
2.2.2 Controlling potential risks Documentation of procedures Personal hygiene Documentation of policies
2.2.3 Risk of contamination Contamination by glass, wood and other physical hazards Contamination by metal or other foreign objects Stock rotation Water
2.3 Construction—premises and equipment
2.3.1 Outcome
2.3.2 Site
2.3.3 Buildings
2.3.4 External areas
2.3.5 Site security
2.3.6 Waste disposal
2.3.7 Contamination from environmental sources
2.4 Plant and equipment
2.4.1 Outcome
2.4.2 Design and operation
2.4.3 Chemicals, lubricants and hazardous materials
2.5 Cleaning and sanitizing
2.5.1 Outcome
2.5.2 General
2.6 Pest control
2.6.1 Outcome
2.6.2 General
2.7 Ingredients
2.7.1 Outcome
2.7.2 Sourcing and purchasing
2.7.3 Receipt
2.7.4 Storage
2.7.5 Contaminants, residues and risk ingredients
2.8 Heat treatment and process control
2.8.1 Outcome
2.8.2 General
2.8.3 Hermetically sealed and retorted pet food
2.8.4 Cooked pet food intended for refrigerated storage
2.8.5 Uncooked pet food intended for refrigerated storage
2.8.6 Dry pet food
2.8.7 Semi-moist and other products
2.9 Product storage
2.9.1 Outcome
2.9.2 General
2.10 Sampling and testing
2.10.1 Outcome
2.10.2 General
2.11 Calibration
2.11.1 Outcome
2.11.2 General
2.12 Record keeping
2.12.1 Outcome
2.12.2 General
2.13 Product tracing and recall
2.13.1 Outcome
2.13.2 General
2.14 Training
2.14.1 Outcome
2.14.2 General
3 Labelling, marketing and nutrition
3.1 Labelling
3.1.1 Outcome
3.1.2 General
3.1.3 Hermetically sealed and retorted pet food (cans, pouches, trays) and wet pet food intended for refrigerated storage
3.1.4 Dry pet food including jerky and chews
3.1.5 Identification as pet food
3.1.6 Nutrition information panel
3.1.7 Directions for use statement
3.1.8 Date labelling
3.1.9 New product flashes
3.1.10 Ingredient lists
3.1.11 Irradiated pet food
3.2 Marketing
3.2.1 Outcome
3.2.2 General
3.2.3 Substantiation of endorsements
3.3 Nutrition
3.3.1 Outcome
3.3.2 Nutritionally complete pet food
3.3.3 Pet food not nutritionally complete
3.3.4 Descriptive marketing terms
3.3.5 Therapeutic pet foods General Excluded nutritional or digestive products Veterinary chemicals
Appendix A
A1 Referenced documents
Cited references in this standard
Content history
DR AS 5812:2017