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AS 1172.6:2022


Sanitary plumbing products, Part 6: Flushing Urinals

AS 1172.6:2022 specifies requirements for flushing urinals including slab or trough, stall, and wall-hung single-stall or pedestal configuration.
Published: 04/11/2022
Pages: 19
Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Normative references
1.4 Terms and definitions
1.5 Materials and finish
1.5.1 Vitreous china
1.5.2 Stainless steel
1.5.3 Plastic and composite Materials Distortion and defects Chemical and stain resistance test Colourfastness test Surface scratching test Impact test
1.5.4 Vitreous enamelled steel
1.6 Instructions
1.7 Marking
2 General requirements
2.1 Design
2.1.1 Traps
2.1.2 Trap risers
2.1.3 Waste outlets
2.1.4 Outlet gratings
2.1.5 Drainage
2.1.6 Flushing water supply
2.2 Design types
2.2.1 Slab and trough urinals General Rigidity Tiling flanges Corner radii Drainage Waste outlet Platform grating Treads Batter Anti-drum Height
2.2.2 Stall urinals General Joining of stainless steel stalls
2.2.3 Wall-hung and pedestal single stall urinals
2.3 Performance
2.3.1 Flushing test for urinals
2.3.2 Load safety test for wall-hung urinals
Appendix A
A.1 Scope
A.2 Relevance
A.3 Terms and definitions
A.4 Testing
A.4.1 Type testing
A.4.2 Batch release testing
A.4.3 Retesting
Appendix B
B.1 Scope
B.2 Principle
B.3 Apparatus
B.3.1 General
B.3.2 Urinals connected to cisterns
B.3.3 Urinals connected to flush valves
B.4 Preparation
B.4.1 Cistern flushed urinals
B.4.2 Urinals connected to flush valves
B.5 Procedure
B.5.1 General
B.5.2 Urinals connected to flushing cisterns
B.5.3 Urinals connected to flushing valves
B.6 Test report
Appendix C
C.1 Scope
C.2 Principle
C.3 Apparatus
C.4 Procedure
C.5 Test report
Cited references in this standard
Plastic waste fittings
Methods of test for textiles, Method 4.A02: Colourfastness tests — Grey scale for assessing change in colour
Sanitary plumbing products, Part 2: Flushing devices and cistern inlet and outlet valves
Vitreous china used in sanitary appliances
Copper and copper alloy waste fittings
Content history
DR AS 1172.6:2022
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