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AS 1589-2001


Copper and copper alloy waste fittings

Specifies requirements for copper and copper alloy waste fittings for use in plumbing installations and includes traps, gullies, waste outlets, gratings and connectors.
Published: 02/04/2001
Pages: 44
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Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Referenced documents
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Design
1.5.1 Fittings
1.5.2 Alternative designs
1.6 Materials
1.6.1 Copper
1.6.2 Copper alloy
1.6.3 Stainless steel
1.6.4 Filler metals
1.6.5 Sealing gaskets and rings
1.6.6 Flexible diaphragms for pan connectors
1.6.7 Plastic components
1.7 Connection ends
1.7.1 General
1.7.2 Plain spigots
1.7.3 Capillary socket ends
1.7.4 Threaded ends and thread stops
1.7.5 Loose nut union end
1.7.6 Compression union end assemblies
1.7.7 Rubber ring ends
1.8 Intermediate joints
1.8.1 General
1.8.2 Adjustable intermediate joints
1.8.3 Fixed intermediate joints
1.8.4 Flexible/expansion joints
1.9 Thread forms
1.9.1 General
1.9.2 Connection ends
1.9.3 Other than connection ends
1.10 Wall thickness
1.11 Plating and other surface finishes
1.12 Freedom from defects
1.13 Test requirements
1.13.1 General
1.13.2 Strength test
1.13.3 Torque test
1.14 Marking
1.14.1 Space for marking
1.14.2 Components
1.14.3 Marking requirements
2 Copper and copper alloy waste traps and gullies
2.1 General
2.2 Designation of size
2.3 Traps and gullies
2.3.1 Waterway
2.3.2 Depth of seal
2.3.3 Angle of outlet axis
2.3.4 Access
2.4 Connection ends
2.4.1 General
2.4.2 Waste traps Inlets Outlets
2.4.3 Gullies Inlets Outlets
2.5 Inspection openings
2.6 Test requirements
2.6.1 Pressure test
2.6.2 Air/vacuum test
3 Copper and copper alloy waste outlets and gratings
3.1 General
3.2 Designation of size
3.3 Gratings
3.3.1 Design
3.3.2 Fixing
3.3.3 Bath waste outlet gratings
3.3.4 Grating surround
3.3.5 Waterway
3.3.6 Plating and coating
3.4 Waste outlet bodies
3.4.1 Waterway
3.4.2 Fixture waste outlets
3.4.3 Integral captive plug compliance
3.5 Connection ends
3.5.1 Outlets
3.6 Test requirements
3.6.1 Load test
3.7 Marking
4 Copper and copper alloy waste connectors
4.1 General
4.2 Food waste disposal connectors
4.3 Pan connectors
4.3.1 Waterways
4.3.2 Connection ends Outlets Inlets
4.3.3 Angle
4.4 Double bowl connectors
4.4.1 Waterways
4.4.2 Connection ends Outlets Inlets
4.4.3 Angle
4.5 Suds saver bypass
4.5.1 Waterway
4.5.2 Connection ends Outlets Inlets Discharge hose inlet
4.5.3 Angle
4.6 Caps and linings
4.6.1 General
4.6.2 Waterways
4.6.3 Connection ends Outlets Inlets
4.7 Soil waste dump point connectors
4.8 Tube bushes
4.8.1 Waterway
4.8.2 Connection ends Capillary ends Threaded ends
4.9 Test requirements
4.9.1 Leakage test
4.9.2 Pressure test
4.9.3 Air/vacuum tests
Appendix A
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 Principle
B3 Application
B4 Apparatus
B5 Test conditions
B6 Procedure
B6.1 Hydrostatic test
B6.2 Pneumatic test
B6.3 Cycle test
B6.4 Leakage test
B7 Report
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 Principle
C3 Apparatus
C4 Procedure
C5 Report
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 Principle
D3 Apparatus
D4 Conditioning and testing
D5 Procedure
D6 Report
Appendix E
E1 Scope
E2 Principle
E3 Application
E4 Apparatus
E5 Test conditions
E6 Procedure
E6.1 Hydrostatic test
E6.2 Pneumatic test
E7 Report
Appendix F
F1 Scope
F2 Principle
F3 Apparatus
F4 Test specimen
F5 Procedure
F6 Report
Appendix G
G1 Scope
G2 Principle
G3 Temperature of test environment
G4 Apparatus
G5 Test specimen
G6 Procedure
G7 Report
Appendix H
H1 Scope
H2 Principle
H3 Temperature of test environment
H4 Apparatus
H5 Test specimen
H6 Procedure
H7 Report
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AS 1589-2001 REC:2018
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