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SA HB 218:2023


Common Smart Inverter Profile — Australia with Test Procedures

SA HB 218:2023 sets out a minimal specification upon which core use cases can be achieved with existing standards
Published: 16/06/2023
Pages: 29
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 Terms and definitions
2 Interpretation and use of this handbook
3 Communications architecture overview
3.1 Scope of communications
3.2 Scenarios
4 General CSIP requirements
4.1 Security requirements
4.2 Registration and identifications of DERs
4.3 Group management
4.4 DER control events and settings
4.4.1 Definitions and usage
4.4.2 Requirements
4.4.3 Prioritization
4.5 Communication interactions
4.6 Reporting DER data
4.6.1 General
4.6.2 Monitor data
4.6.3 Status information Ratings and settings
4.6.4 Operational status information
4.6.5 Alarms
5 IEEE 2030.5 implementation and requirements
5.1 Overview
5.1.1 High-level architecture
5.1.2 Resources and function sets Time Device capability End device Function Set Assignments (FSA) Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Response Metering and metering mirror Log event Subscription/Notification
5.2 IEEE 2030.5 requirements
5.2.1 Security requirements TLS and cipher suites Certificates Authentication Authorization Access control
5.2.2 Commissioning and identifications of DER requirements
5.2.3 Group management requirements FSA architecture
5.2.4 DER controls and DER default control requirements Scheduling of controls Prioritization
5.2.5 Communication interactions requirements Monitor data Status information Alarms
5.3 Maintenance
5.3.1 Maintenance
5.3.2 Maintenance of inverters (EndDevice, EndDeviceList) Out-of-band updates In-band updates
5.3.3 Maintenance of groups (Function set assignments)
5.3.4 Maintenance of controls (DERControl, DERControlList)
5.3.5 Maintenance of programs (DERProgram, DERProgramList)
5.3.6 Maintenance of subscriptions
6 CSIP IEEE 2030.5 implementation
6.1 Utility server operation
6.1.1 Server and resource discovery
6.1.2 Registration
6.1.3 Out-of-band DER registration
6.1.4 In-band DER registration
6.1.5 Aggregator registration
6.1.6 Group assignment of inverters
6.1.7 EndDevice creation EndDevice access
6.1.8 DER control management Immediate controls Default-only controls Curve controls
6.2 Aggregator operations
6.2.1 Host and service discovery
6.2.2 Security, authentication and authorization
6.2.3 Getting server resources Device capability EndDeviceList Subscriptions Notifications
6.2.4 Acting on DER controls
6.2.5 Reporting DER data Reporting monitoring data Reporting status information Reporting alarms
6.3 DER device operations
6.3.1 Host and service discovery Out-of-band discovery Unicast-DNS and DNS-SD
6.3.2 Security, authentication and authorization
6.3.3 Getting server resources DeviceCapability EndDeviceList Polling for resources
6.3.4 Acting on DER controls
6.3.5 Reporting DER data Reporting monitor data Reporting status information Reporting alarms
7 Examples
7.1 Discovery, DeviceCapability, EndDeviceList
7.2 FunctionSetAssignments
7.3 DERProgramList, DERPrograms
7.4 DERControlList, DERCurveList, DefaultDERControl
7.5 Subscription/Notification – EndDeviceList
7.6 Subscription/Notification – DERControlList
7.7 Sending DER status information
7.8 Sending Monitor data
7.9 Sending alarms
7.10 Event prioritization
8 Reporting DER data
8.1 DER monitoring data
9 DER Management envelope extensions
9.1 Envelope extensions general
9.1.1 General
9.1.2 DERControlBase Extension attributes
9.2 Example of envelope communication
10 Demand response communications
10.1 General
11 Connection Point registration extension
11.1 General
11.2 Implementation
11.2.1 Validation
11.2.2 Updates
11.2.3 Web Application Description Language
11.2.4 Example
Cited references in this standard
IEEE 2030.5: 2018
IEEE Standard for Smart Energy Profile Application Protocol
Grid connection of energy systems via inverters, Part 2: Inverter requirements
Framework for demand response capabilities and supporting technologies for electrical products
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