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AS/NZS ISO 19115.1:2015


Geographic information — Metadata, Part 1: Fundamentals

Adopts ISO 19115-1:2014 to define the schema required for describing geographic information and services by means of metadata.
Published: 13/02/2015
Pages: 167
Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Conformance
2.1 Conformance requirements
2.2 Abstract test suite
3 Normative references
4 Terms and definitions
5 Symbols and abbreviated terms
5.1 Abbreviated terms
5.2 Abbreviated terms — Package
6 Metadata requirements
6.1 Metadata for resources
6.2 Metadata application information
6.3 Metadata fundamentals package and dependencies
6.4 Citation and responsible party, Metadata application information, Language-characterset localisation information, and Extent information package relationships
6.5 Resource metadata class diagrams by package
6.5.1 Introduction
6.5.2 Metadata information (MD_Metadata) General Metadata schema Metadata about metadata
6.5.3 Identification information (MD_Identification) General Identification information classes Identification information codelists
6.5.4 Constraint information (MD_Constraints)
6.5.5 Lineage information (LI_Lineage)
6.5.6 Maintenance information (MD_MaintenanceInformation)
6.5.7 Spatial representation information (MD_SpatialRepresentation)
6.5.8 Reference system information (MD_ReferenceSystem)
6.5.9 Content information (MD_ContentInformation)
6.5.10 Portrayal catalogue information (MD_PortrayalCatalogueReference)
6.5.11 Distribution information (MD_Distribution)
6.5.12 Metadata extension information (MD_MetadataExtensionInformation)
6.5.13 Application schema information (MD_ApplicationSchemaInformation)
6.5.14 Service metadata information
6.6 Extent, Citation and Common information packages
6.6.1 Extent information (EX_Extent)
6.6.2 Citation, responsibility and party information (CI_Citation, CI_Responsibility, and CI_Party) classes
6.6.3 Citation, responsibility and party information (CI_Citation, CI_Responsibility, and CI_Party) and codelists
6.6.4 Commonly used classes
6.7 Multilingual support for free text fields
6.7.1 Free text metadata elements
6.7.2 Management of localised strings
6.8 Implementation examples
6.9 Metadata implementation
6.10 Discovery metadata
6.11 Revisions
Annex A
A.1 Abstract test suite
A.2 Metadata test suite
A.2.1 Test case identifier: Completeness test
A.2.2 Test case identifier: Maximum occurrence test
A.2.3 Test case identifier: Data type test
A.2.4 Test case identifier: Domain test
A.2.5 Test case identifier: Schema test
A.3 User-defined extension metadata test suite
A.3.1 Test case identifier: Exclusiveness test
A.3.2 Test case identifier: Definition test
A.3.3 Test case identifier: Standard metadata test
A.4 Metadata profiles — Test case identifier: Metadata profiles
Annex B
B.1 Data dictionary overview
B.1.1 Introduction
B.1.2 Name/role name
B.1.3 Definition
B.1.4 Obligation/Condition
B.1.4.1 General
B.1.4.2 Mandatory (M):
B.1.4.3 Conditional (C):
B.1.4.4 Optional (O):
B.1.5 Maximum occurrence
B.1.6 Data type
B.1.7 Domain
B.2 Externally referenced classes
B.2.1 Introduction
B.2.2 Date and DateTime information
B.2.3 Distance, angle, measure, number, record, recordType, scale and UomLength information
B.2.4 PeriodDuration and temporal primitive information
B.2.5 Point and Object information
B.2.6 Set and Sequence information
B.2.7 Type name information
B.2.8 Vertical coordinate reference system information
B.2.9 Internet protocol standards
B.3 CodeLists and enumerations
B.3.1 Introduction
B.3.2 CI_DateTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.3 CI_OnLineFunctionCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.4 CI_PresentationFormCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.5 CI_RoleCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.6 CI_TelephoneTypeCode<<CodeList>>
B.3.7 CountryCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.8 DS_AssociationTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.9 DCPList <<CodeList>>
B.3.10 DS_InitiativeTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.11 LanguageCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.12 MD_CellGeometryCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.13 MD_ClassificationCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.14 MD_CharacterSetCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.15 MD_CoverageContentTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.16 MD_DatatypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.17 MD_DimensionNameTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.18 MD_GeometricObjectTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.19 MD_ImagingConditionCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.20 MD_KeywordTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.21 MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.22 MD_MediumFormatCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.23 MD_ObligationCode <<Enumeration>>
B.3.24 MD_PixelOrientationCode <<Enumeration>>
B.3.25 MD_ProgressCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.26 MD_ReferenceSystemTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.27 MD_RestrictionCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.28 MD_ScopeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.29 MD_SpatialRepresentationTypeCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.30 MD_TopicCategoryCode << Enumeration>>
B.3.31 MD_TopologyLevelCode <<CodeList>>
B.3.32 SV_CouplingType <<CodeList>>
B.3.33 SV_ParameterDirection <<Enumeration>
Annex C
C.1 Background
C.2 Types of extensions
C.3 Creating an extension
C.4 Rules for creating an extension
C.5 Community profile
C.6 Rules for creating a profile
Annex D
D.1 Metadata examples
D.2 Example 1 — Boundaries of Exploration Licences for Minerals
D.3 Example 2 – Levels of metadata
D.4 Example 3 — Example of extended metadata
D.5 Example 4 multi-languages free text in a metadata element
Annex E
E.1 Background
E.2 Simple resources
E.3 Complex resources
E.4 Coupled datasets and services: Multiple MD_Identification Objects
E.5 Metadata Scope
E.5.1 Introduction
E.5.2 Aggregate and Series metadata (optional)
E.5.3 Dataset metadata (default)
E.5.4 Geographic Feature and Attribute metadata (optional)
E.5.5 Collection/Field session metadata (optional)
E.5.6 Dimension group metadata (optional)
E.5.7 Model metadata (optional)
E.5.8 Service metadata (optional)
E.5.9 Software metadata (optional)
E.5.10 Tile metadata (optional)
E.5.11 Metadata metadata (optional)
E.5.12 Initiative metadata (optional)
E.5.13 Document metadata (optional)
E.5.14 Repository metadata (optional)
Annex F
F.1 Metadata for resource discovery
F.2 Metadata for the discovery of non-service geographic resources
F.3 Metadata for the discovery of services
Annex G
G.1 Summary of revisions
G.2 Revision details
Amendment control sheet
Cited references in this standard
Geographic information - Temporal schema
Geographic information - Spatial schema
ISO 639 (all parts)
Codes for the representation of names of languages
ISO 3166 (all parts)
Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions
Codes for the representation of currencies and funds
Inclusive of GST
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