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AS/NZS ISO 13028:2012


Information and documentation — Implementation guidelines for digitization of records

Adopts ISO/TR 13028:2010 to provide implementation guidelines for processes and policies for converting hard copy or non-digital records into digital format.
Published: 24/04/2012
Pages: 32
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Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Benefits and risks of digitization
4.1 Benefits of digitization
4.2 Risks of digitization
5 Preliminary considerations
5.1 Digitization project viability assessment
5.2 Master copies and derivatives
6 Best practice guidelines
6.1 General
6.2 Planning processes
6.2.1 Project documentation
6.2.2 Selection of a digitization approach General In-house or outsourced digitization Batch process digitization or on-demand digitizing Centralized or decentralized digitization
6.2.3 Selection of technical specifications
6.2.4 Equipment and software
6.2.5 Enhancement techniques General Image enhancement Annotation management Image quality Storage media
6.3 Digitization process management
6.3.1 General
6.3.2 Digitized records management
6.3.3 Non-digital source record preparation
6.3.4 Metadata General Image-level metadata Business-process digitization metadata considerations Digitization projects metadata considerations
6.3.5 Quality control General Reviewing quality control checking
6.4 Management systems
6.4.1 Strategies General Long-term management systems Short-term storage strategies
6.4.2 Back-up procedures
6.5 Records disposition
6.5.1 General
6.5.2 Disposition of non-digital source records
6.5.3 Disposition of records incorporated into business information systems
6.5.4 Management of non-digital source records General Day boxing
6.5.5 Digitized records obsolescence
Annex A
Annex B
Annex C
C.1 General
C.2 Recommendations
C.2.1 General
C.2.2 Directory structure
C.2.3 Versions
C.2.4 Naming derivative files
Annex D
D.1 General
D.2 Scanner operation quality control
D.3 Validation of output
D.4 Sampling
D.5 Sample sets
D.6 Quality criteria for images
D.7 Metadata
D.8 Documentation
D.9 Processes for re-digitization
D.10 Common faults
D.10.1 General
D.10.2 Implementation faults
D.10.3 Process faults
D.10.4 Operator faults
Annex E
E.1 General
E.2 Recommended skills set
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