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AS/NZS 4819:2011


Rural and urban addressing

Provides requirements and guidance for addressing authorities to use for assigning addresses, naming roads and localities, recording and mapping the related information, and related signage.
Published: 18/11/2011
Pages: 50
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Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Objective
1.3 Application
1.3.1 Intended audience
1.3.2 Guidelines
1.3.3 Retrospective application—Existing addresses
1.3.4 Data specification out of scope
1.3.5 Cooperation between agencies
1.3.6 Application to indigenous communities
1.3.7 Application to private communities and towns
1.4 Referenced documents
1.5 Definitions
2 Address information
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Recording assigned addresses
2.2.1 General
2.2.2 Mandatory address components
2.2.3 Recording locality names for New Zealand addresses
2.2.4 Optional and conditional address components
2.2.5 Recording alternative addresses
2.2.6 Recording sub-addresses
2.3 Recording road names
2.4 Recording locality names
2.5 Retention of historical addressing information
3 Locality definition and naming
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Selection of locality name
3.2.1 Jurisdictional requirements
3.2.2 Duplication of locality name
3.2.3 Dual or alternative locality name
3.2.4 Indigenous locality names
3.2.5 Promotional names
3.2.6 Neighbourhood or regional names for locality
3.2.7 Acceptability of locality name
3.2.8 Ease of use of locality name
3.2.9 Length of locality name
3.3 Locality boundaries
3.3.1 Clear definition of locality boundary
3.3.2 Selection of locality boundaries
3.4 Changing locality names and boundaries
3.4.1 Enduring localities
3.4.2 Review of localities
3.5 Locality names—Details
3.5.1 Spelling of locality name to match source
3.5.2 Abbreviation of locality name
3.5.3 Definite article in locality name
3.5.4 Apostrophe in locality name
3.5.5 Full stop in locality name
3.5.6 Characters in locality name
3.5.7 Hyphens in locality name
3.5.8 Numerals in locality name
3.5.9 Suffixes or prefixes in locality name
4 Road definition and naming
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Road naming
4.2.1 Roads to be named
4.2.2 Naming a short road
4.2.3 Unformed roads
4.2.4 Contiguous navigable road
4.2.5 Extents of named road
4.3 Road name components—Road type
4.4 Selection of road name
4.4.1 Jurisdictional requirements
4.4.2 Single name for road
4.4.3 Unofficial names
4.4.4 Acceptability of road name
4.4.5 Ease of use of road name
4.4.6 Names for roads crossing jurisdictions
4.4.7 Duplication of road name
4.4.8 Indigenous road name
4.4.9 Origin—Destination road name
4.4.10 Length of road name
4.4.11 Road type repetition
4.5 Road names for highways
4.6 Changing road names and extents
4.6.1 Enduring road names
4.6.2 Names of roads affected by redevelopment
4.7 Road names—Details
4.7.1 Spelling of road name matching source
4.7.2 Abbreviation of road name
4.7.3 Definite article in road name
4.7.4 Preposition in road name
4.7.5 Apostrophe in road name
4.7.6 Full stop in road name
4.7.7 Characters in road name
4.7.8 Hyphens in road name
4.7.9 Numerals in road name
4.7.10 Suffixes, prefixes, and directional indicators in road name
5 Address number assignment
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Urban versus rural addressing
5.3 Application of address numbering
5.3.1 Address sites to be numbered
5.3.2 Unofficial address numbers
5.3.3 Timing of address number assignment
5.4 Selection of address numbers
5.4.1 Address number based on access
5.4.2 Unique address
5.4.3 Clear and logical address
5.4.4 Address numbers sequential
5.4.5 Address number integers
5.4.6 Address number prefixes
5.4.7 Addressing on each side of a road
5.4.8 Numbers unavailable—Use of suffixes
5.4.9 Address number ranges
5.4.10 Lot numbers
5.4.11 Numbering on roads affected by redevelopment
5.5 One road name for addresses in a complex
5.6 Alternative addresses
5.6.1 Alternative addresses for primary address site
5.6.2 Alternative addresses on sub-address sites
5.7 Selection of datum point
5.8 Urban numbering assignment
5.8.1 Urban numbering method
5.8.2 Reserving numbers
5.8.3 Numbering a corner site
5.9 Rural numbering assignment
5.9.1 Distance-based address numbering method
5.9.2 Rural address site without access point
5.9.3 Address sites with narrow frontage or shared access
5.9.4 Address numbers on very long roads
5.9.5 Numbering in rural areas affected by urban development
5.9.6 Numbering on highways crossing rural and urban areas
5.10 Sub-addressing
5.10.1 Application of sub-addressing
5.10.2 Address number structure for sub-address site
5.10.3 Sub-address number ranges
5.10.4 Address number for primary address site
5.10.5 Selection of sub-address number
5.10.6 Type of sub-address
5.11 Sub-addressing a multi level site
5.11.1 Introduction
5.11.2 Multi-Level sub-address numbering method
5.11.3 Selection of sub-address number on each level
5.11.4 Selection of the level part of the sub-address number
5.11.5 Sub-address for entire level
5.11.6 Level type and number assignment
5.11.7 Levels with large numbers of sub-addresses
6 Water address assignment
6.1 Application of water address numbering
6.2 Name of water feature or island
6.3 Water address numbering—General
6.4 Numbering for river or creek addresses
6.5 Numbering for island addresses
6.6 Numbering for inlet or bay addresses
7 Mapping and geocoding
7.1 Mapping addresses
7.1.1 Address geocodes
7.1.2 Geocode accuracy
7.2 Mapping roads
7.3 Mapping localities
7.4 Mapping projection and datum
8 Signage
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Locality name signs
8.3 Road name signs
8.3.1 Road name display
8.3.2 Display of road name on sign
8.3.3 Number ranges on road name signs
8.3.4 Extent of number ranges on sign
8.4 Address site number signs
8.4.1 Address number display
8.4.2 Display of additional address information
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Cited references in this standard
Interchange of client information
Manual of uniform traffic control devices, Part 5: Street name and community facility name signs
Content history
DR AS/NZS 4819