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AS/NZS 4578:1999


Micrographics — Readers for transparent microforms — Measurement of characteristics

Specifies methods and instruments for measuring the characteristics for readers specified in AS/NZS 4577:1999 (ISO 6198). It applies to magnification, resolution, distortion, screen luminance, screen contrast and film gate temperatures. This Standard is identical with and has been reproduced from ISO 7565:1993.
Published: 05/05/1999
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Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
4 Magnification
4.1 Apparatus
4.2 Procedure
5 Resolution
5.1 Test charts
5.1.1 ISO No. 1 microtest chart
5.1.2 ISO No. 2 test chart
5.2 Magnifier
5.3 Procedure
6 Geometric distortion
6.1 Test film
6.2 Procedure
6.2.1 Curvilinear distortion (barrel, pincushion)
6.2.2 Geometric distortion (keystone)
6.2.3 Geometric distortion (skew)
7 Screen luminance
7.1 General conditions
7.1.1 Apparatus Meter for measuring ambient illuminance Meter for measuring screen luminance
7.1.2 Operation of reader being measured
7.1.3 Location of screen measurement positions
7.2 Procedure
7.2.1 Rear-projection readers
7.2.2 Front-projection readers
8 Screen contrast
8.1 Apparatus
8.1.1 Meters
8.1.2 Test mask
8.1.3 Location of contrast measuremen points
8.2 Screen contrast measurements
8.2.1 Operation of reader
8.2.2 Meter position
8.2.3 Procedure
9 Film gate temperature measurements
9.1 Apparatus
9.1.1 Thermocouple and test film
9.1.2 Thermometer for measuring ambient temperature
9.2 Procedure
Annex A
A.1 Screen characteristics
A.2 Screen observation
A.3 Evaluation of screen diffusion characteristics
A.3.1 Perfect diffuser
A.3.2 Actual diffuser
A.3.3 Example (for values given in figure A.1)
Annex B
B.1 Presentation
B.2 Method
Cited references in this standard
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