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AS/NZS 4284:2008


Testing of building facades

Included in NCC Primary References Set
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Sets out methods of testing building facades for environmental loading including water penetration and air infiltration as well as structural tests. Optional tests include seismic testing, seal degradation and building maintenance unit (BMU) restraint.
Published: 28/04/2008
Pages: 31
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Referenced documents
3 Definitions
4 Notation
5 Principle
6 Apparatus
7 Sample preparation
7.1 Test sample
7.2 Drawings
8 Procedure
8.1 Test sequence
8.1.1 General
8.1.2 Variation of test sequence or retesting
8.2 Preliminary tests
8.2.1 General
8.2.2 Static pressure
8.2.3 Water
8.3 Structural test at serviceability limit state
8.3.1 Structural-test pressures
8.3.2 Location of the displacement transducers
8.3.3 Pressure loading sequence
8.3.4 Displacement measurement of spandrel panels
8.3.5 Calculation of deflection/span ratio
8.3.6 Calculation of successive member displacement
8.3.7 Calculation of maximum displacement
8.4 Air infiltration test
8.4.1 Test pressure
8.4.2 Procedure
8.5 Water penetration test by static pressure
8.5.1 Test pressure
8.5.2 Procedure
8.6 Water penetration test by cyclic pressure
8.6.1 Test pressure
8.6.2 Procedure
8.7 BMU restraint test
8.7.1 Test load
8.7.2 Procedure
8.8 Structural test at ultimate limit state
8.8.1 Test pressures
8.8.2 Procedure
8.8.3 Spandrel panel
8.9 Seismic test
8.9.1 Test displacement
8.9.2 Procedure
8.10 Seal degradation test
9 Performance requirements
9.1 General
9.2 Structural test at serviceability limit state
9.2.1 Deflection/span ratios
9.2.2 Successive member displacement
9.2.3 Maximum displacement
9.3 Air infiltration test
9.4 Water penetration test
9.5 Seismic test at serviceability limit state displacement
9.6 BMU restraint test
9.7 Structural test at ultimate limit state
9.8 Seismic test at ultimate limit state displacement
9.9 Seal degradation test
10 Test report
10.1 Preliminary test report
10.2 Official test report
Appendix A
Appendix B
B1 Introduction
B2 Test sample
B3 Requirements
B4 Inclined glazing
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Cited references in this standard
General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
NZS 1170.5
Structural design actions, Part 5: Earthquake actions—New Zealand
NZS 4211
Specification for performance of windows
Structural design actions, Part 2: Wind actions
Structural design actions, Part 1: Permanent, imposed and other actions
Content history
DR 07156