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AS/NZS 4146:2000

[Pending Revision]

Laundry practice

Specifies general laundry practice requirements and recommendations for commercial, industrial, hospital, institutional, on-premise and coin-operated laundries as well as minimum performance requirements which should be attained in order to provide an acceptable level of service.
Published: 23/02/2000
Pages: 59
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Objective
1.3 Referenced and related documents
1.3.1 Referenced documents
1.3.2 Related documents
1.4 Definitions
2 General requirements and recommendations for laundries
2.1 Scope of Section
2.2 Facilities and management
2.2.1 Facilities
2.2.2 Laundry management system
2.2.3 Specific safety issues
2.3 Laundry transportation equipment
2.3.1 Transport vehicles
2.3.2 Laundry bags
2.3.3 Mobile trolleys
2.3.4 Other types of transportation
2.4 Collection, loading, storage and sorting of linen
2.4.1 Preparation of soiled linen for collection
2.4.2 Collection/delivery of soiled/cleaned linen
2.4.3 Unloading and storage of soiled linen at laundry premises
2.4.4 Sorting of soiled linen
2.5 Laundry operation
2.5.1 Good laundry practice
2.5.2 Performance evaluation
2.5.3 Performance indicators after single wash
2.5.4 Performance indicators after multiple washes Degree of whiteness, intrinsic greying and intrinsic yellowing Total wear Incineration residue (ash)
2.6 Storage and packaging of cleaned linen
2.6.1 Storage of cleaned linen
2.6.2 Packing cleaned linen
3 Minimum requirements
3.1 Scope of Section
3.2 Statutory requirements
3.3 Operating theatre linen
3.4 Specific laundering
3.4.1 Wool blankets
3.4.2 Sheepskins
3.4.3 Dust control mats
3.5 Disinfection
3.5.1 General
3.5.2 Thermal
3.5.3 Chemical disinfection
3.6 Records
3.6.1 General
3.6.2 Wash formula records
3.6.3 Monitoring records
3.6.4 Test reports
Appendix A
A1 Scope
A2 General
A2.1 Introduction
A2.2 Types of soil
A2.3 Soil removal
A2.4 Care of textiles
A2.4.1 General
A2.4.2 Fibre type
A2.4.3 Fabric structure
A2.4.4 Garment structure
A2.5 Parameters in laundering
A2.5.1 Machine load
A2.5.2 Dip
A2.5.3 Temperature
A2.5.4 Time
A2.5.5 Number of wash and rinse operations
A2.5.6 The wash cycle
A2.5.7 Finishing of washed linen
A3 Suggested wash formulae
A3.1 Introduction
A3.2 Basic wash formulae for polyester/cotton textiles
A3.3 Wash formulae for cotton sheets and towels
A3.4 Wash formula for absorbent products used by incontinent patients
A3.4.1 Introduction
A3.4.2 Wash formulae for absorbent bed pads
A3.4.3 Chemicals
A3.5 Wash formulae for foul linen cotton
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 Introduction
B3 Stain removal
B4 General procedure for stains of unknown origin
B5 Types of stains and their removal
B5.1 Age
B5.2 Albumin
B5.3 Alkali
B5.4 Argyrol and silver nitrate
B5.5 Asphalt
B5.6 Beer
B5.7 Blood
B5.8 Butter or margarine
B5.9 Carbon paper
B5.10 Chewing gum
B5.11 Chromic acid
B5.12 Coffee, cocoa and chocolate
B5.13 Concrete
B5.14 Crayon
B5.15 Cream and ice cream
B5.16 Dye and contact dye
B5.17 Egg
B5.18 Felt‑tipped marker
B5.19 Floor wax (liquid)
B5.20 Floor wax (paste)
B5.21 Food dye
B5.22 Fruit stain
B5.23 Glue
B5.24 Grass
B5.25 Grease
B5.26 Indelible pencil
B5.27 Ink
B5.28 Iodine
B5.29 Iron (rust)
B5.30 Leather
B5.31 Lipstick and makeup
B5.32 Matches, safety
B5.33 Medicinal
B5.33.1 General
B5.33.2 Acriflavin
B5.33.3 Benzoin tincture
B5.33.4 Chlorhexidine (hibitane)
B5.33.5 Gentian violet
B5.33.6 Iodine
B5.33.7 Mercurochrome
B5.33.8 Merthiolate
B5.33.9 Prontosil
B5.33.10 Scarlet red
B5.33.11 Methylene blue
B5.34 Mildew
B5.35 Milk
B5.36 Mud
B5.37 Mustard
B5.38 Nail polish
B5.39 Oil, motor
B5.40 Paint, oil base or latex
B5.41 Paraffin
B5.42 Perspiration
B5.43 Resin
B5.44 Sauce, tomato
B5.45 Scorch
B5.46 Shoe polish
B5.47 Silver nitrate
B5.48 Silver stains
B5.49 Syrup
B5.50 Tannin
B5.51 Tar
B5.52 Tea
B5.53 Tobacco
B5.54 Tobacco (residue from pipes)
B5.55 Typewriter ink
B5.56 Urine
B5.57 Vomit
B5.58 Wine
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 Principle
C3 Apparatus
C4 Test specimens
C4.1 EMPA∗ Standard soiled test strips
C5 Procedure
C5.1 General
C5.2 Laundering test specimens
C5.3 Spectrophotometer or Reflectometer value determinations
C5.4 Calculation and expression of results
C5.4.1 General
C5.4.2 Degree of whiteness
C5.4.3 Degree of intrinsic greying
C5.4.4 Degree of intrinsic yellowing
C5.4.5 Percentage soil removal
C6 Report
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 Principle
D3 Apparatus
D4 Test specimens
D4.1 General
D4.2 Number and marking
D4.3 Dimensions
D4.4 Control test specimen
D4.5 Laundered test specimens
D5 Procedure
D6 Report
Appendix E
E1 Scope
E2 Principle
E3 Apparatus
E4 Test specimens
E4.1 General
E4.2 Selection and preparation
E4.3 Dimensions
E5 Procedure
E6 Report
Appendix F
F1 Scope
F2 Principle
F3 Apparatus
F4 Test specimens
F4.1 General
F4.2 Chemical wear test specimens
F5 Procedure
F6 Report
Appendix G
G1 Scope
G2 Principle
G3 Apparatus
G4 Test specimens
G4.1 General
G4.2 Number of test specimens
G5 Procedure
G6 Report
Appendix H
H1 Scope
H2 Disinfection
H3 Certain wool blankets
H4 Sheepskins
Appendix I
I1 Scope
I2 General precautions
I3 Specific precautions
Cited references in this standard
Rules for minimizing hazards arising from the use of flammable medical agents and non-flammable medical gases (known as SAA Medical agents and cases safety code)
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Textiles—Care labelling code using symbols (identical to ISO 3758)
Methods of test for textiles, Part 1: Conditioning procedures
Textiles — Care labelling code using symbols
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DR 97311
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