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AS/NZS 4114:2020


Spray painting booths, designated spray painting areas and paint mixing rooms

The objective of this revision is to amalgamate the two parts of the 2003 standard to provide manufacturers, designers, users, statutory authorities and others with comprehensive requirements for the design, construction, installation, testing and maintenance of spray painting booths, spray painting areas and mixing rooms.
Published: 28/02/2020
Pages: 31
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Normative references
1.3 Terms and definitions
1.4 Spray painting hazards and arrangements
1.4.1 Spray painting hazards
1.4.2 Spray painting arrangements
1.4.3 Spray painting booths
1.4.4 Airflow systems for spray booths General Full down draught system Semi down draught system Cross flow system On floor down draught systems
1.4.5 Designated spray painting areas
1.5 Documentation
1.6 Qualifications of personnel
1.7 Environmental conditions and other external influences
2 Spray booth design and construction
2.1 General
2.2 Materials
2.3 Expansion
2.4 Doors
2.4.1 General
2.4.2 Emergency exits
2.5 Entry/exit of tunnel or production booths
2.5.1 General
2.5.2 Emergency exits
2.6 Interior surfaces
2.7 Glazing
2.8 Shelves
2.9 Guarding of moving parts
2.10 Potential equalization
2.11 Electrical equipment
2.11.1 General
2.11.2 Equipment for use in the hazardous area
2.11.3 Luminaires
2.12 Electric filament infrared heating (IR)
2.13 Radiation paint curing
2.14 Ventilation design
2.14.1 General
2.14.2 Monitoring apparatus
2.14.3 Spray cycle airflow rate
2.14.4 Bake cycle airflow rate (including IR bake)
2.14.5 Purge
2.14.6 Failure of the ventilation system
2.15 Ventilation controls
2.15.1 General
2.15.2 Prior to spraying
2.15.3 Following spraying — Without baking
2.15.4 Following spraying — With baking
2.15.5 Baking that does not immediately follow after a spray cycle
2.15.6 Ventilation system with more than one fan
2.16 Exhaust air
2.16.1 Exhaust air outlets
2.16.2 Exhaust fans
2.16.3 Exhaust air cleaning
2.17 Ducts
2.18 Operating cycle
2.19 Heating systems
2.19.1 Permitted types
2.19.2 System requirements
2.19.3 Heat exchangers
2.19.4 Heat exchanger flues
2.19.5 Inspection of heat exchangers
2.19.6 Heating controls
3 Marking
4 Tests
4.1 Purpose
4.2 Documentation
4.3 Functional test
4.4 Ventilation system test
4.5 Airflow test
5 Maintenance
5.1 General
5.2 Routine tests
5.3 Modifications and alterations
Appendix A
A.1 General
A.2 Construction
A.3 Electrical equipment and bonding
A.4 Authorization
A.5 Documentation
A.6 Personnel requirements
A.7 Personal protective equipment (PPE)
A.8 Security and access
A.9 Clean up procedure
Appendix B
B.1 Types of paint mixing rooms
B.2 Design and construction
B.2.1 General
B.2.2 Materials
B.2.3 Doors
B.2.4 Interior surfaces
B.2.5 Glazing
B.2.6 Shelves
B.2.7 Ducts
B.2.8 Guarding of moving parts
B.2.9 Ventilation arrangement
B.3 Classification of hazardous areas within paint mixing rooms
B.4 Electrical equipment
B.4.1 General
B.4.2 Potential equalization
B.5 Signage
B.6 Documentation
B.7 Verification and tests
Appendix C
C.1 General
C.2 Classification by direct example
C.2.1 Open-fronted booths
C.2.2 Enclosed type batch booths
C.2.3 Tunnel or production booths
C.2.3.1 With vapour barriers
C.2.3.2 Without vapour barriers
C.2.4 Drying and baking rooms
C.2.5 Designated spray areas
Appendix D
Cited references in this standard
Safety of machinery, Part 1: Application guide
AS/NZS 5601
Gas installations (all parts)
Safety signs for the occupational environment
Industrial fuel-fired appliances
Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres — Protection by ventilation — Type of protection v
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DR AS/NZS 4114:2019
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