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AS/NZS 4058:2007

[Pending Revision]

Precast concrete pipes (pressure and non-pressure)

Proposes minimum requirements for the materials to be used in, and the manufacture of, controlled quality precast concrete pipes, and proposes methods of sampling, testing and classifying concrete pipes manufactured in accordance with this Standard. It applies to circular precast pipes, manufactured from concrete, unreinforced or with circumferential steel reinforcement, that are intended for pressure or non pressure water supply, drainage, waste water or sewerage applications or service ducts.
Published: 18/04/2007
Pages: 54
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Classification of pipes
1.4.1 Criteria
1.4.2 Size class
1.4.3 Load class General Unreinforced pipes Reinforced pipes Jacking pipes
1.4.4 Watertightness or pressure class General Watertightness class Pressure class Joint selection
1.5 Marking
1.5.1 Marking on each pipe
1.5.2 Colour coding for load class
2 Materials
2.1 Verification of materials compliance
2.2 Concrete materials
2.2.1 Cement
2.2.2 Supplementary cementitious materials
2.2.3 Aggregates
2.2.4 Water
2.2.5 Admixtures
2.2.6 Restriction on chemical content
2.3 Reinforcement
2.4 Joint materials
3 Manufacture, handling and storage
3.1 Verification of manufacturing process compliance
3.2 Design details
3.2.1 Joints
3.2.2 Structural continuity
3.2.3 Reinforcement General Fabrication Splicing of circumferential reinforcement
3.2.4 Concrete
3.3 Dimensions and tolerances
3.3.1 General
3.3.2 Concrete cover to reinforcement
3.3.3 Internal diameter
3.3.4 External diameter
3.3.5 Wall thickness
3.3.6 Effective length
3.3.7 Straightness
3.3.8 End squareness of pipes
3.4 Workmanship and finish
3.4.1 Inspection and acceptance
3.4.2 Defects in reinforced pipes Classification of defects by type Defect types
3.4.3 Acceptability of pipe wall and joint surface defects in reinforced pipes
3.4.4 Defects in unreinforced pipes
3.4.5 Finishing and repairs for pipes
3.5 Handling, storage and transportation
3.5.1 General
3.5.2 Lifting holes
3.5.3 Lifting elements
4 Performance tests
4.1 Verification of finished product compliance
4.2 Proof load
4.3 Ultimate load
4.4 Watertightness 90 kPa tests
4.5 Specified (≥50 kPa) and ultimate pressure tests
4.6 Water absorption
4.7 Flexible joint assembly
5 Compliance with performance requirements
5.1 Means of demonstrating compliance with the performance requirements
5.2 Sampling and testing
5.2.1 Facilities for sampling and testing
5.2.2 Sampling and testing procedures
5.2.3 Test requirements
5.2.4 Type testing General Manufacture Testing
5.2.5 Routine sampling and testing General Sampling Testing
6 Ordering and supplying pipes
6.1 Pipe design and test information
6.2 Information to be supplied with each delivery of pipe
6.3 Manufacturing information to be supplied upon request
Appendix A
A1 Scope
A2 Size of batch
A3 Inspection modes and switching rules
A3.1 Application
A3.2 Inspection modes
A3.3 Switching rules
A4 Sampling plans
A4.1 Sampling plan for proof load testing
A4.2 Sampling plan for ultimate load testing
A4.3 Sampling plan for hydrostatic pressure testing
A4.4 Sampling plan for water absorption testing
A4.4.1 Standard sampling plan
A4.4.2 Alternative sampling plan
A4.5 Sampling plan for joint assembly
A4.6 Sampling plan for measurement of concrete cover to reinforcement
A4.7 Sampling plan for measurement of dimensions other than concrete cover
Appendix B
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 Apparatus
C2.1 Loading rig
C2.2 Standard feeler gauges
C2.2 Timber bearers
C3 Sample preparation
C4 General test considerations
C4.1 Positioning of pipe (see Figure C4)
C4.2 Rate of loading
C4.3 Selection and measurement of crack width
C4.4 Vertical loading rig
C5 Procedure for proof load test
C5.1 General
C5.2 Maximum test load
C5.3 Determination of test crack width
C5.3.1 Unreinforced pipes
C5.3.2 Reinforced pipes
C6 Procedure for ultimate load test (Reinforced pipes only)
C6.1 General
C6.2 Maximum test load
C7 Reports
C7.1 General
C7.2 Test report
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 Apparatus
D2.1 Pressurizing equipment
D2.2 End caps
D2.3 Pressure indicator
D2.4 Pipe support
D2.5 Elastomeric seals
D2.6 New Zealand loss rate test
D3 Sample preparation
D3.1 General
D3.2 Positioning of pipe and end caps
D3.3 Preparations for testing
D3.4 New Zealand loss rate test
D4 Test procedures
D4.1 Procedure for a specified pressure and single pipe watertightness tests
D4.1.1 Pressurization and inspection
D4.1.2 Pass or failure of pipe barrel
D4.1.3 Pass or failure of joint
D4.2 Procedure for the New Zealand loss rate test
D4.2.1 Procedure
D4.2.2 Pass or failure of pipes
D4.3 Procedure for an ultimate pressure test
D4.3.1 Procedure
D4.3.2 Pass or failure of pipe
D5 Records
Appendix E
E1 Scope
E2 Concentration guide
E2.1 10 mm cover minimum
E2.2 Covers less than 10 mm
E2.3 Additional cover, coatings and protective treatments
Appendix F
F1 Scope
F2 Principle
F3 Apparatus
F3.1 Drying oven
F3.2 Balance
F3.3 Desiccator
F3.4 Urn
F3.5 Cutting and grinding equipment
F3.6 Absorbent paper or cloth
F3.7 A rack or similar support
F4 Condition of sample pipes
F5 Preparation of test specimen
F6 Test procedures
F6.1 General
F6.2 Procedures
F6.2.1 Determination of dry mass (m1)
F6.2.2 Immersion procedure
F6.2.3 Determination of saturated surface-dry mass (m2)
F7 Calculations
F8 Records and reports
F8.1 General
F8.2 Records
Appendix G
G1 General
G2 Principle
G3 Apparatus
G3.1 Cutting tools
G3.2 Cover meter
G4 Condition of sample pipe
G5 Test procedure
G5.1 Direct method
G5.1.1 Location of chases
G5.1.2 Procedure
G5.2 Indirect method
G5.2.1 Calibration of meter
G5.2.2 Procedure
G6 Records
G6.1 General
G6.2 Records
Appendix H
H1 Scope
H2 Principle
H3 Procedure
H4 Records and reports
H4.1 General
H4.2 Records
Cited references in this standard
[Pending Revision]
General purpose and blended cements
NZS 3122
Specification for Portland and blended cements (General and special purpose)
NZS 3121
Specification for water and aggregate for concrete
NZS 3114
Specification for concrete surface finishes
Steel for the reinforcement of concrete
Content history
NZS 3107:1978
DR 04237
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