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AS/NZS 3750.6:2009


Paints for steel structures, Part 6: Full gloss polyurethane (two-pack)

Specifies requirements for two-component, solvent-borne, full gloss polyurethane paints intended to be used primarily for the protection of iron and steel against exterior atmospheric corrosion.
Published: 20/04/2009
Pages: 16
Table of contents
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Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Safety precautions
2 Material requirements
2.1 General
2.2 Conditions of test
2.3 Liquid paint
2.3.1 Condition in container
2.3.2 Volume solids
2.3.3 Storage properties Degree of settling Re-incorporation after storage
2.4 Application properties
2.4.1 General
2.4.2 Brushing
2.4.3 Rolling
2.4.4 Spraying
2.4.5 Pot-life assessment
2.5 Applied film
2.5.1 Surface-dry time
2.5.2 Hard-dry time
2.5.3 Scratch resistance
2.5.4 Gloss
2.5.5 Colour
2.5.6 Finish
2.5.7 Flexibility
2.5.8 Hardness
2.5.9 Abrasion resistance
2.5.10 Recoating properties
2.5.11 Immersion tests General Resistance to mineral oil Resistance to alkali Resistance to hydraulic fluid Resistance to distillate Resistance to unleaded petrol
2.5.12 Resistance to outdoor weathering
2.5.13 Resistance to accelerated weathering
3 Packaging and labelling
3.1 Packaging
3.2 Labelling
Appendix A
A1 General
A2 Information to be supplied with the enquiry or order
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 Manufacturer’s technical data
B3 Safety precautions
B4 Typical uses
B5 Mixing
B6 Application
B7 Curing conditions
B8 Pot-life
B9 Storage conditions
Appendix C
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 Test panel material
D2.1 Tinplate
D2.2 Steel
D3 Preparation
D3.1 Tinplate
D3.2 Steel
Cited references in this standard
Content history
AS/NZS 3750.6:2009 REC:2020
DR 07098
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