AS/NZS 3718:2005


Water supply - Tap ware

Specifies requirements for metallic taps, plastic taps, mixing taps, sensor taps, lever taps, timed flow taps, mixing taps mechanical (non-thermostatic), and tapsets in a range of nominal sizes from DN 6 to DN 50, generally for continuous operating temperatures not exceeding 80 degrees Celsius. Products designed for other temperature ranges are included where tested to the appropriate temperature criteria.
Published: 01/06/2005
Pages: 71
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Table of contents
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1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Size designation
1.5 Marking requirements
1.5.1 Taps
1.5.2 Components Components for the retrofit market Components for the OEM market
1.6 Packaging and installation instructions
1.6.1 Intended application
1.6.2 Installation instructions
2 Materials
2.1 Scope of section
2.2 Metallic materials
2.2.1 Use of metallic material
2.2.2 Corrosion-resistant metallic materials
2.2.3 Copper
2.2.4 Copper alloy
2.2.5 Dezincification-resistant (DR) copper alloy
2.3 Stainless steel
2.4 Plastic materials
2.4.1 General
2.4.2 Acetal
2.5 Plastic and elastomeric materials
2.5.1 UV resistance
2.5.2 Resistance to chemical degradation
2.6 Other materials
3 Design and manufacture
3.1 Scope of section
3.2 End connectors
3.2.1 Copper and copper alloy end connectors
3.2.2 Other end connectors
3.3 Spindles
3.4 Screw threads
3.4.1 General
3.4.2 Thread engagement
3.5 Water shut-off device
3.6 Jumper valve
3.6.1 Design
3.6.2 Construction
3.7 Thickness of metal parts
3.7.1 General
3.7.2 Copper, copper alloy and stainless steel tubes
3.7.3 Other sections
3.8 Fabricated assemblies
3.9 Outlets
3.9.1 Unit construction outlets
3.9.2 Other outlets
3.9.3 Flexible hoses Backflow prevention Flexible hoses with shut-off devices
3.9.4 Hose tap outlets
3.9.5 Showerheads for personal bathing
3.10 Operating mechanisms
3.11 Finish and workmanship
3.12 Accessories or components supplied with tap products
3.12.1 General
3.12.2 Flexible hose connectors
3.12.3 Integral backflow devices
3.13 Taps and tap components to suit industry-specific dimensional characteristics
3.13.1 General
3.13.2 Valve seating, valve chamber and tap head connection
3.13.3 Tap head
3.13.4 Spindle end
3.13.5 Loose jumper valves
3.13.6 Tapset breaching piece assemblies
3.13.7 Replacement tap seats
4 Performance requirements
4.1 General
4.2 Plastic materials used for plastic-bodied taps
4.3 Hydraulic strength test
4.4 Surface-mounting strength test for taps
4.5 Watertightness under pressure
4.6 Nominal flow rate
4.6.1 General High pressure Low and unequal pressure
4.6.2 Outlets where compliance with AS/NZS 6400 is mandatory High pressure Low and unequal pressure
4.6.3 Other taps and outlets
4.7 Contamination of water
4.8 Torque of fabricated joints
4.9 Torque of handle attachment
4.10 Torque of head to body
4.11 Torque of operating mechanism
4.12 Endurance test for taps and tap components
4.12.1 Endurance test for tap operating mechanisms General Pre-endurance testing Cycles Subsequent tests
4.12.2 Endurance test for flow controllers in taps
4.13 Strength of connector nut and assembly
4.14 Strength of button-operated and foot-operated taps
4.15 Resistance of handle to removal
Appendix A
A.1 Scope
A.2 Relevance
A.3 Product certification
A.4 Definitions
A.4.1 Batch release test
A.4.2 Production batch
A.4.3 Sample
A.4.4 Sampling plan
A.4.5 Type test batch
A.4.6 Type testing (TT)
A.5 Testing
A.5.1 Type testing
A.5.2 Batch release testing
A.5.3 Retesting
A.6 Batch tests
Appendix B
Appendix C
C.1 Scope
C.2 Principle
C.3 Apparatus
C.4 Procedure
C.5 Test report
Appendix D
D.1 Scope
D.2 Principle
D.3 Application
D.4 Apparatus
D.4.1 Pressurizing system
D.4.2 Test rig
D.4.3 Test sample
D.4.4 Pressure gauge
D.4.5 Thermometer
D.4.6 Timing device
D.5 Testing environment
D.5.1 Safety
D.5.2 Metallic components of tap assemblies
D.5.3 Plastic components of metal-bodied tap assemblies
D.6 Procedure
D.7 Test report
Appendix E
E.1 Scope
E.2 Principle
E.3 Apparatus
E.4 Procedure
E.5 Test report
Appendix F
F.1 Scope
F.2 Principle
F.3 Apparatus
F.3.1 Pressurizing system
F.3.2 End connections
F.3.3 Pressure gauge
F.4 Procedure
F.4.1 Hydrostatic test
F.4.2 Pneumatic test
F.5 Test report
Appendix G
G.1 General
G.2 Principle
G.3 Apparatus
G.4 Procedure
G.5 Test report
Appendix H
H.1 Scope
H.2 Principle
H.3 Apparatus
H.4 Procedure
H.5 Test report
Appendix I
I.1 Scope
I.2 Principle
I.3 Application
I.4 Apparatus
I.5 Procedure
I.6 Test report
Appendix J
J.1 Scope
J.2 Principle
J.3 Apparatus
J.4 Procedure
J.5 Test report
Appendix K
K.1 Scope
K.2 Principle
K.3 Application
K.4 Apparatus
K.5 Procedure
K.6 Test report
Appendix L
L.1 Scope
L.2 Principle
L.3 Application
L.4 Apparatus
L.4.1 Test rig
L.4.2 Water supply system
L.4.3 Measurement of pressure
L.4.4 Measurement of temperature
L.4.5 Timing and control equipment
L.4.6 Monitors
L.4.7 Temperature of measurement
L.5 Procedure
L.6 Test report
Appendix M
M.1 Scope
M.2 Principle
M.3 Apparatus
M.4 Procedure
M.5 Test report
Appendix N
N.1 Scope
N.2 Principle
N.3 Apparatus
N.4 Procedure
N.5 Test report
Appendix O
O.1 Scope
O.2 Dimensions
O.3 Valve seating
O.3.1 General
O.3.2 Dimensions
O.4 Handles
Appendix P
P.1 Scope
P.2 General
P.3 Typical examples of simulated samples
P.4 Special issues
P.5 Component documentation
P.6 Acceptance
Appendix Q
Q.1 Scope
Q.2 Principle
Q.3 Application
Q.4 Apparatus
Q.5 Procedure
Q.6 Test report
Appendix R
R.1 General
R.2 Principle
R.3 Apparatus
R.4 Procedure
R.5 Test report
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Pipe threads of Whitworth form, Part 2: Fastening pipe threads
Pipe threads of Whitworth form, Part 1: Sealing pipe threads (metric units)
Copper and copper alloys — Ingots and castings
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AS/NZS 3718:2005 Rec:2016
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