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AS/NZS 3662:2013


Performance of showers for bathing

The objective of this Standard is to specify the requirements for showers for bathing purposes. Shower types include - showerhead(s) fastened to fixed arm(s); showerhead(s) fastened to pivot arm(s); showerheads with integral mixing valves; handheld showers connected to flexible hoses - supported by a fixed wall handset holder; attached to a slide rail; or mounted on a holder attached to a bath/shower mixer.
Published: 02/09/2013
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Compliance with this standard
3 Normative references
4 Definitions
5 Performance requirements
5.1 Flow rate
5.1.1 General
5.1.2 High pressure
5.1.3 Low pressure
5.2 Mean spray spread angle
5.3 Temperature drop
5.4 Optional additional tests
5.4.1 Spray force
5.4.2 Spray coverage
5.5 Shower hoses
5.5.1 General
5.5.2 Tensile strength and watertightness
5.5.3 Temperature resistance
5.5.4 Thermal shock resistance
5.5.5 Effectiveness of rotary connection
5.6 Watertightness of end connections
5.7 Flow controller
5.7.1 General
5.7.2 Endurance test for flow controller fitting in or integral to shower or shower components used in high pressure showers
6 Marking requirements
Appendix A
A1 Scope
A2 Definitions
A3 Testing
A3.1 Type testing
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 Principle
B3 Apparatus
B4 Procedure
B5 Test report
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 Principle
C3 Apparatus
C4 Procedure
C5 Calculation of effective diameter
C5.1 Case 1—Showerhead with a circular pattern of holes on single diameter
C5.2 Case 2—Showerhead with a circular pattern of holes on several diameters
C5.3 Case 3—Showerhead with holes on evenly spaced pattern
C5.4 Case 4—Non-circular patterns of holes equally spaced
C6 Test report
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 Principle
D3 Apparatus
D4 Procedure
D5 Test report
Appendix E
E1 Scope
E2 Tensile strength and watertightness
E2.1 Principle
E2.2 Apparatus
E2.3 Procedure
E2.4 Test report
E3 Temperature resistance
E3.1 Principle
E3.2 Apparatus
E3.3 Procedure
E3.4 Test report
E4 Thermal shock resistance
E4.1 Principle
E4.2 Apparatus
E4.3 Procedure
E4.4 Test report
E5 Effectiveness of rotary connection
E5.1 Principle
E5.2 Apparatus
E5.3 Procedure
E5.4 Test report
Appendix F
F1 Scope
F2 Principle
F3 Test rig apparatus
F4 Procedure
F5 Test report
Appendix G
G1 Scope
G2 Principle
G3 Apparatus
G4 Procedure
G5 Test report
Appendix H
H1 Scope
H2 Principle
H3 Apparatus
H4 Procedure
H5 Test report
Appendix I
I1 Scope
I2 Principle
I3 Apparatus
I4 Procedure
I5 Test report
Amendment control sheet
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Content history
DR AS/NZS 3662