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AS/NZS 2918:2018


Domestic solid fuel burning appliances — Installation

This Standard specifies requirements for the installation of domestic solid fuel burning appliances that can be fully assembled prior to being transported to the installation site. It does not cover the installation of appliances that have to be assembled in situ, or appliances with electrically driven fuel stoker systems.
Published: 29/06/2018
Pages: 86
Table of contents
Cited references
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Exclusions
1.3 Normative references
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Installation and operating instructions
2 Materials
2.1 Material service temperature
2.2 Floor protector materials
2.3 Flue system
2.4 Flue-pipe casings
3 Appliance installation
3.1 General
3.2 Clearances and heat shielding
3.2.1 Access clearances
3.2.2 Safety clearance
3.2.3 Shielding for appliances
3.2.4 Heat tolerant and non-continuous materials
3.3 Floor protector
3.3.1 General requirements
3.3.2 Performance and construction requirements for a floor protector where a sample installation has been tested
3.3.3 Construction requirements for a floor protector where a sample appliance installation (or prototype appliance installation) has not been tested
3.3.4 Decorative finishing
3.3.5 Design load capacity
3.4 Particular requirements for fireplace insert and built-in appliances
3.4.1 Fireplace insert appliances Fireplace inserts in fireplaces Fireplace inserts in masonry enclosures Safety clearances for fireplace inserts Heat shield Mantelshelf heat shield
3.4.2 Built-in appliance installations General Ventilation requirement for chimney chase/facade or false chimney Flue systems for built-in appliance installation Built-in appliance mantelshelves
3.4.3 Freestanding installations installed in fireplaces or masonry enclosures
3.5 Stability
3.6 Water connections
3.7 Electrical connections
3.8 Seismic restraint
4 Flue system installation
4.1 General requirements
4.2 Flue pipes
4.3 Flue-pipe casings
4.4 Wall penetration
4.5 Flues within rooms and similar areas
4.5.1 Safety clearance Sample flue system that has been tested Sample flue system that has not been tested
4.5.2 Shielding for flues General Wall mounted heat shielding Flue mounted heat shielding
4.5.3 Guarding
4.6 Flues penetrating ceilings, floors and walls
4.6.1 General
4.6.2 Tested penetrations
4.6.3 Untested penetrations
4.6.4 Shielding plate clearance
4.7 Flues within attic spaces
4.8 Roof penetration
4.8.1 General
4.8.2 Flashing
4.9 External requirements
4.9.1 General
4.9.2 Additional requirements for flue systems adjacent to external walls General Safety clearance where a sample flue system (or prototype flue system) has been tested Safety clearance where a sample flue system has not been tested
4.10 Fixing
4.11 Flue pipes in chimneys
4.12 Flue dampers
4.13 Flue cowls
5 Modifications and variations
5.1 Appliance modifications
5.2 Appliance variation
6 Additional requirements
6.1 Ventilation
6.2 Water heating equipment
6.3 Emission and efficiency limits
6.4 Testing laboratory
Appendix A
A1 Scope
A2 Principle
A3 Apparatus
A4 Preparation
A5 Procedure
A6 Report
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 Principle
B3 Test room
B4 Appliance specification
B5 Apparatus
B6 Test enclosure
B7 Test fuel
B8 Preparation
B9 Procedure
B9.1 High fire procedure
B9.2 Flash fire procedure
B10 Maximum allowable temperature rises
B11 Report
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 Principle
C3 Apparatus
C4 Preparation
C5 Procedure
C6 Pass criteria
C7 Report
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 Principle
D3 Test room
D4 Floor protector
D5 Apparatus
D6 Test floor
D7 Procedure
D7.1 Test 1
D7.2 Test 2
D8 Pass criteria
D9 Report
Appendix E
E1 Scope
E2 Principle
E3 Test room
E4 Appliance specification
E5 Apparatus
E6 Test structure
E7 Test fuel
E8 Temperature measurements
E9 Maximum temperature
E10 Allowable temperature
E11 Preparation
E12 Appliance installation
E13 Test procedure
E13.1 High fire procedure
E13.2 Flash fire procedure
E14 Report
Appendix F
F1 Scope
F2 Principle
F3 Test room
F4 Flue system specification
F5 Apparatus
F6 Test structure
F7 Preparation
F8 Procedure
F8.1 Hot flue test
F8.2 Flue fire test
F8.3 Structural integrity test
F9 Maximum allowable temperature rises
F10 Report
Appendix G
G1 General
G2 Installation instructions
G3 Operating and maintenance instructions
G3.1 General
G3.2 Operating and maintenance instructions
G4 Additional operating instructions for appliances utilizing catalytic combustors
G5 Replacement of combustor kit
Appendix H
H1 General
H2 Common causes of downdraught and smoke spillage
H3 Reducing downdraught and smoke spillage
Cited references in this standard
NZS 3603
Timber structures Standard
Approval and test specification - General requirements for electrical equipment
Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)
Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures, Part 3: Simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release
Domestic solid fuel burning appliance — Method for determination of power output and efficiency
Content history
[Available Superseded]
DR AS/NZS 2918:2017
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