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AS 4976-2008


The removal and disposal of underground petroleum storage tanks

This Standard specifies a method for the calculation of titratable sulfidic acidity (TSA) in acid sulfate soil (ASS) using the results obtained from the determination of TAA (AS 4969.2) and TPA (AS 4969.3).
Published: 19/02/2008
Pages: 20
Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Referenced documents
1.4 Definitions
2 General requirements
2.1 Scope of section
2.2 Awareness of hazards
2.3 Flammability
2.4 Toxicity
2.5 Entry into confined spaces and excavations
2.6 Environmental protection
2.7 Insurance
3 Tanks temporarily out-of-service
3.1 Scope of section
3.2 Out-of-service period
3.3 Procedure for taking tanks temporarily out of service
3.3.1 General
3.3.2 Product removal
3.3.3 Tank connections
3.4 Regulations and records
4 Abandonment of tanks in situ
4.1 Scope of section
4.2 General
4.3 Procedure
4.4 Regulations and records
5 Removal of tanks for disposal off-site
5.1 Scope of section
5.2 General
5.3 Procedures
5.3.1 Removal of tanks
5.3.2 Off-site purging
5.3.3 On-site purging
5.4 Transport of tanks
5.4.1 Vehicles
5.4.2 Travel
5.5 Regulations and records
6 Storage of used tanks
6.1 Scope of section
6.2 General
6.3 Storage conditions
6.4 Records
7 Taking out-of-service and closure of UPS systems
7.1 Scope
7.2 General requirements
7.3 UPSS tanks temporarily out-of-service
7.4 Removal and abandonment in situ
8 Disposal of used tanks and tank material
8.1 Scope of section
8.2 General
8.3 Procedure
8.4 Records
Appendix A
Appendix B
B1 Introduction
B2 General precautions
B3 Purging methods
B3.1 Air eduction method
B3.2 Diffused air blower method
B3.3 Water displacement method
B3.4 Inert gas method
B4 Gas testing
Appendix C
Cited references in this standard
API (American Petroleum Institute) RP 1604
Removal and disposal of underground petroleum storage tanks
AS/NZS 61779
Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gases (series)
AS/NZS 4897
The design, installation and operation of underground petroleum storage systems
Safe working in a confined space
AS/NZS 2809
Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods (series)
Content history
DR 07413
AS 4976-2008 Rec:2016
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