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AS 4758.1:2015

[Available Superseded]

Lifejackets, Part 1: General requirements

Specifies the requirements for lifejackets with buoyancy classifications of level275, level150, level100, level50, level50S, level25 and restricted use lifejackets suitable for use by adults and children greater than 5kg mass.
Published: 13/08/2015
Pages: 25
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Referenced documents
3 Definitions
4 Classification
5 Materials and components
5.1 General
5.2 Positive locking devices
6 Requirements
6.1 Test facility accreditation
6.2 Corrosion resistance
6.3 Magnetic properties
6.4 Water resistance
6.5 Resistance to oil
6.6 Colour requirements and testing
6.6.1 Conspicuous colour General Non-fluorescent colours Fluorescent colours Colour measurement
6.6.2 Colour change to rubbing
6.6.3 Colour change to saltwater
6.6.4 Colour change to light
6.7 Accessories
6.7.1 General
6.7.2 Whistle
6.7.3 Grab strap
6.7.4 Buddy line
6.7.5 Retroreflective material
6.7.6 Deck safety harness
6.7.7 Overpressure relief valve
6.7.8 Multi-chamber system
6.7.9 Protective covers
6.7.10 Sprayhood
6.8 Types of buoyancy
6.8.1 General
6.8.2 Inflatable buoyancy chambers
6.8.3 Inherently buoyant material
6.9 Total buoyancy
6.10 Strength
6.11 Gas cylinders
6.12 Inflation system
7 Performance
7.1 General
7.1.1 Temperature cycling
7.1.2 Oral inflation
7.1.3 Double inflation
7.1.4 Automatic inflation
7.1.5 Inadvertent inflation
7.1.6 Resistance to crushing
7.2 Donning
7.2.1 Adult lifejackets
7.2.2 Child lifejackets
7.2.3 Secondary donning
7.2.4 Restricted use
7.3 In-water performance
7.3.1 Water entry
7.3.2 Self-righting
7.3.3 In water orientation for level 25, 50 and 50s lifejackets
7.3.4 In-water stability
7.3.5 Freeboard
8 Marking
8.1 Lifejackets
8.2 Inflatable lifejackets
9 Information supplied by the manufacturer
10 Consumer information at point of sale
10.1 General
10.2 Data list
10.3 Pictograms
10.4 Colour-code
11 Care, maintenance and service
11.1 General
11.2 Care instructions
11.3 Pre-wear check
11.4 Maintenance
11.5 Service of inflatable lifejackets
11.6 Repacking the inflatable lifejacket
Appendix A
A1 General
A2 Performance criteria
A3 Performance levels
A4 Selection and use
Cited references in this standard
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Content history
[Available Superseded]
DR AS 4758.1:2015