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AS 4685.0:2017


Playground equipment and surfacing, Part 0: Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation

Specifies requirements for the design, development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation of playgrounds, including playground equipment and surfacing, to ensure a continuing level of functionality and safety.
Published: 30/08/2017
Pages: 25
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Objective
3 Application
4 Referenced documents
5 Definitions
6 Playground development
6.1 Planning and development considerations
6.2 Site selection
6.2.1 General considerations
6.2.2 Site conditions
6.2.3 Services
6.2.4 Regulations and covenants
6.3 Playground design
6.3.1 Purpose
6.3.2 Provision of amenities and facilities
6.3.3 Design for access and inclusion
6.3.4 Selection of play elements
6.3.5 Nature play
6.3.6 Placement of moving equipment to minimize injury
6.3.7 Maintenance access
6.3.8 Plant selection
6.3.9 Shade and sun protection
6.3.10 Signs
7 Playground surfacing
7.1 General requirements
7.1.1 Trip hazards
7.1.2 Protrusion hazards
7.1.3 Toxicity hazards
7.1.4 Inhalation hazard
7.2 Impact testing requirements for playground surfacing
7.2.1 General
7.3 Loose-fill materials
7.3.1 General
7.3.2 Compaction, deterioration and displacement of loose-fill material
8 Safety management system
8.1 General
8.2 Risk benefit assessments
8.3 Systematic documentation and record keeping
8.4 Accident procedure
8.5 Inspections
8.5.1 Frequency and objective of inspections
8.5.2 Comprehensive post-installation inspection
8.5.3 Routine visual inspection
8.5.4 Operational inspection
8.5.5 Comprehensive annual inspection
8.5.6 Regular testing of impact attenuating surfaces
8.5.7 Competence of persons performing inspections
8.6 Maintenance
8.6.1 General
8.6.2 Removal of equipment
8.7 Modifications to equipment
8.8 Equipment not meeting current playground Standards
Appendix A
A1 Scope
A2 General
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 General
B3 Comprehensive inspections
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 General
Appendix D
D1 Scope
D2 General
Amendment control sheet
Cited references in this standard
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Content history
DR AS 4685.0:2016