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AS 4674-2004

[Pending Revision]

Design, construction and fit-out of food premises

Included in NCC Primary References Set
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Published: 11/02/2004
Pages: 28
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Table of contents
Cited references
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 Definitions
2 Design and construction requirements for food premises
2.1 General requirements
2.1.1 Appropriate for purpose
2.1.2 Separation of areas
2.1.3 Provision for adequate space
2.1.4 Cleaning and sanitizing of premises
2.1.5 Proofing against pests
2.1.6 Installation of insect control devices
2.1.7 Exclusion of dirt, dust, odours, smoke and other contaminants
2.2 Water supply
2.2.1 Use of potable water
2.2.2 Compliance with Australian Standards
2.3 Sewage and waste water disposal
2.3.1 Access opening
2.3.2 Grease arrestors
2.4 Garbage and recyclable materials
2.4.1 General requirements
2.4.2 External areas used for storage of putrescible material
2.4.3 Rooms where garbage and garbage bins are stored (including refrigerated garbage rooms)
2.4.4 Garbage containers
2.4.5 Containers for recyclable material
2.5 Ventilation
2.5.1 General requirements
2.5.2 Mechanical ventilation and filtration
2.6 Lighting
2.6.1 General requirements
2.6.2 Light fittings
3 Floors, walls and ceilings
3.1 Floors
3.1.1 General requirements
3.1.2 Suitability of floor finishes for food premises areas
3.1.3 Food preparation areas
3.1.4 Food storage areas
3.1.5 Coving
3.1.6 Plinths
3.2 Walls and ceilings
3.2.1 General requirements for walls
3.2.2 Wall finishes for food preparation areas
3.2.3 Wall finishes in storage areas for open food
3.2.4 Wall finishes in other areas
3.2.5 General requirements for ceilings
3.2.6 Ceilings in food preparation and storage areas
3.2.7 Ceilings in other areas
3.2.8 Drop-in panel ceilings (false ceilings)
3.2.9 Pipes, conduits and electrical wiring
4 Fixtures, fittings and equipment
4.1 Equipment for cleaning and sanitizing
4.1.1 Provision of equipment
4.1.2 Hot and cold water supplies
4.1.3 Requirements for double- and triple-compartment sinks including double- and triple-compartment pot sinks
4.1.4 Loading, drainage and drying space at sinks
4.1.5 Requirements for dishwashers/glasswashers
4.1.6 Dishwasher/glasswasher sanitizing temperatures
4.1.7 Chemicals
4.1.8 Requirements for disposal of waste water
4.2 Design and construction of fixtures, fittings and equipment
4.2.1 Design and construction requirements
4.2.2 Materials
4.3 Installation of fixtures fittings and equipment
4.3.1 Installation
4.3.2 Supports for equipment
4.4 Hand washing facilities
4.4.1 General requirements
4.4.2 Water supply to basins
4.4.3 Specific design requirements
5 Storage and toilet facilities
5.1 Storage
5.1.1 Clothing and personal effects
5.1.2 Cleaning chemicals and similar materials
5.1.3 Office materials
5.2 Toilet facilities
5.2.1 General
5.2.2 Access to toilets
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