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AS 4087:2011


Metallic flanges for waterworks purposes

Provides manufacturers with requirements for metallic flanges for waterworks purposes and installers of flanged components guidance on the most appropriate jointing requirements to achieve a satisfactory long-term watertight joint.
Published: 26/05/2011
Pages: 35
Table of contents
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Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Normative references
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Configuration
1.5.1 General
1.5.2 Type
1.5.3 Flange face
1.6 Marking
2 Classification and allowable pressures
3 Materials
3.1 Flanges
3.2 Fasteners
3.3 Flange gaskets
3.4 O-rings for flanges
3.4.1 General
3.4.2 Material
3.4.3 Method of manufacture
3.4.4 Dimensions
3.4.5 Assembly
4 Manufacturing requirements, dimensions and tolerances
4.1 Dimensions and tolerances
4.1.1 Thickness of flange
4.1.2 Outside diameter of flange
4.1.3 O-ring groove
4.1.4 Height of raised face
4.1.5 Diameter of raised face
4.1.6 Boltholes
4.2 Contact surfaces
4.2.1 General
4.2.2 Tolerance on flatness
4.3 Spot-facing and back-facing of flanges
4.3.1 Parallelism of bearing surfaces
4.3.2 Diameter of spot-facing
4.3.3 Back-facing
4.3.4 Thickness of flanges after spot-facing or back-facing
4.4 Preparation for the attachment of flanges
4.4.1 Screw-on flanges
4.4.2 Plate flanges Plate flanges for welding Plate flanges for brazing
5 Design
5.1 Circular flanges
5.2 Flanges with alternative external shape
5.2.1 General
5.2.2 Thickness
5.2.3 Performance requirements
Appendix A
Appendix B
B1 Scope
B2 Dimensions
Appendix C
C1 Scope
C2 Jointing guidelines
Appendix D
D1 General
D2 Information to be supplied by the purchaser
D3 Information to be supplied by the manufacturer
Appendix E
E1 Scope
E2 Test assembly
E3 Hydrostatic test
E4 Hydrostatic test with moment applied
Amendment control sheet
AS 4087:2011
Amendment No. 1 (2012)
Revised text amendment
Amendment No. 2 (2023)
Revised text amendment
Cited references in this standard
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Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel, Part 1: Bolts, screws and studs
Hot-dip galvanized coatings on threaded fasteners (ISO metric coarse thread series)
Tolerances for fasteners, Part 2: Washers for bolts, screws and nuts — Product grades A, C and F
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DR 4087
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