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AS 3740-2010

[Available Superseded]

Waterproofing of domestic wet areas

Included in Waterproofing and tiling set
Sets out minimum requirements for the materials, design and installation of waterproofing for domestic wet areas.
Published: 05/11/2010
Pages: 48
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.3 Normative references
1.4 Definitions
2 Materials
2.1 Scope of section
2.2 Design and installation
2.3 Movement joints
2.4 Materials
2.4.1 Waterproof
2.4.2 Water-resistant substrates
2.4.3 Water-resistant surface materials
2.5 Preformed, prefinished shower bases and enclosures
2.6 Sealants
2.7 Adhesives
2.8 Sheet fastenings
3 Installation
3.1 Scope of section
3.2 General
3.3 Falls in floor finishes
3.4 Shower floors
3.5 Curing of materials
3.6 Preformed shower bases
3.7 Baths with showers over them
3.7.1 Baths to be recessed into a wall
3.7.2 Baths with a downturn lip
3.7.3 Baths without an integral edge to allow for a vertical upstand for termination of waterproofing
3.7.4 Freestanding baths with shower over
3.8 Baths and spas
3.9 Junctions
3.9.1 Perimeter flashing General Perimeter flashing at floor level openings
3.9.2 Vertical flashing for shower wall junctions
3.10 Penetrations
3.10.1 Shower areas
3.10.2 Tap penetrations through horizontal surfaces
3.11 Required floor wastes for wet area floors
3.12 Wall sheeting or render
3.13 General shower area requirements
3.13.1 Substrate surface preparation for application of a membrane
3.13.2 Step-down showers
3.13.3 Hob construction
3.13.4 Enclosed showers without hobs or set-downs
3.13.5 Unenclosed showers
3.13.6 Additional requirements for bath end walls abutting a shower
3.13.7 Bond breaker installation for bonded membranes
3.13.8 Vertical membrane termination
3.14 Membrane to drainage connection
3.14.1 Termination to a drainage flange
3.14.2 Floor waste
3.14.3 Termination to a drainage channel
3.15 Installation of an internal membrane
3.15.1 Membrane application General Termination of membranes at showers with hobs Termination of membranes at enclosed showers without hobs
3.16 Installation of an external membrane
3.16.1 Membrane application General Showers with hobs
3.16.2 Base termination of vertical flashing
3.16.3 Drainage riser connection Preformed trays Made in situ shower trays
3.17 Doorjambs and architraves
3.18 Shower screen
3.18.1 General Unenclosed shower screen Enclosed shower screen
3.18.2 Enclosed shower screen placement Showers with hobs Showers with step-downs Showers without hobs or step-downs Bath end walls and nib walls abutting a shower
Appendix A
A1 Scope
A2 Leakage through finishes
A3 Movement and waterproofing
A3.1 General
A3.2 Structure movement
A3.2.1 Frame movement
A3.2.2 Masonry movement
A3.2.3 Panel movement
A3.3 Wall linings under tiles in shower areas
A3.4 Prefinished wall panels
A3.5 Floors
A3.5.1 General
A3.5.2 General requirements of barriers
A3.5.3 In situ barriers—Properties and installation
A3.5.4 Set-downs
A3.5.5 Tiles within shower area
Appendix B
B1 General
B2 Factors affecting falls
B3 Fall ratios
B4 Diagonal cutting of tiles
Appendix C
Amendment control sheet
Cited references in this standard
Residential timber-framed construction, Part 2: Non-cyclonic areas
Residential timber-framed construction, Part 3: Cyclonic areas
Masonry structures — Commentary (Supplement 1 to AS 3700:2018)
Copper and copper alloys — Rolled flat products
Particleboard flooring, Part 2: Installation
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DR 09057
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