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AS 1799.1:2021


Small craft, Part 1: General requirements for power boats

Specifies requirements for maximum load, persons and power capacities, reserve buoyancy, stability, fire protection, and other safety aspects for powered craft up to 15 m in length used as recreational boats. It does not apply to boats used for commercial purposes or exclusively for racing, nor to canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, rigid inflatable boats, yachts or auxiliary yachts.
Published: 20/08/2021
Pages: 65
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Table of contents
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1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Normative references
1.3 Terms and definitions
1.4 Symbols and abbreviated terms
1.5 Marking
1.5.1 Boat capacities Capacity plate Plates restricting numbers of persons in particular places
1.5.2 Open waters loading advice
1.5.3 Hull identification
1.6 ISO relationship
2 Maximum capacities and buoyancy
2.1 Maximum load capacity for boats less than 6 m in length for protected waters
2.1.1 General
2.1.2 Outboard installations
2.1.3 Inboard installations
2.2 Maximum persons capacity for protected waters
2.2.1 General
2.2.2 Outboard installations
2.2.3 Inboard installations
2.3 Maximum persons capacity for open waters
2.4 Provision of seating and standing positions
2.5 Swamped flotation
2.5.1 Minimum swamped flotation
2.5.2 Use of flotation materials
2.5.3 Resistant flotation materials
2.5.4 Level flotation
2.5.5 Boats 6 m or more in length
2.5.6 Air compartments
2.6 Maximum power capacity
2.6.1 Determination of maximum power capacity for outboard installations
2.6.2 Determination of maximum power capacity for pontoon boats
2.6.3 Tiller steered outboard installations
2.6.4 Determination of maximum power capacity for inboard and sterndrive installations
2.6.5 Determination of maximum power capacity by test
2.6.6 Engine power rating
3 Hull design
3.1 General arrangement
3.2 Hull drainage
3.2.1 Bailing devices
3.2.2 Compartments
3.2.3 Drain plugs
3.3 Decks
3.3.1 General
3.3.2 Footing
3.4 Self-draining cockpits and wells in weather decks
3.4.1 General design
3.4.2 Drain area
3.4.3 Drain design and construction Drain design Drain construction
3.4.4 Drainage around hatches over engine compartments
3.5 Quick-draining cockpits, wells and recesses
3.5.1 General
3.5.2 Time to drain water
3.5.3 Freeing port area
3.5.4 Freeing port construction
3.6 Hatches and exterior doors
3.6.1 Design of hatches and exterior doors
3.6.2 Construction of hatches and exterior doors
3.6.3 Coamings and sills
3.6.4 Security of attachment of hatch covers
3.7 Exits from enclosed accommodation
3.8 Windshield and windows
3.9 Transom for outboard or sterndrive installations
3.10 Motor well
3.11 Boat hardware and fittings
3.11.1 General
3.11.2 Bow eye
3.11.3 Cleats, bollards and fairleads
3.11.4 Safety hand rails, handholds and reboarding
3.12 Lifting system
3.13 Dissimilar metals
4 Cooking and heating systems
4.1 Liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) and compressed natural gas (CNG) systems
4.1.1 General
4.1.2 Gas detector
4.1.3 Appliances
4.2 Systems other than LP Gas or CNG
4.2.1 General
4.2.2 Appliances
4.3 Appliance design
4.3.1 Cooking appliances
4.3.2 Pilot flames
4.3.3 Water heaters
4.3.4 Cabin heaters
4.3.5 Refrigerators
5 Stability
5.1 Personal water craft
5.2 Protected waters requirements for boats less than 6 m in length
5.2.1 General
5.2.2 Stability under static conditions
5.3 Protected waters requirements for boats 6 m or more in length and open waters requirements
5.3.1 General
5.3.2 Heeling test
5.3.3 Heeling moment
5.3.4 Requirements Angle of heel Loss of freeboard
5.4 Multihull boats
5.4.1 General
5.4.2 Freeboard
5.4.3 Heeling test
6 Fire protection
6.1 Portable fire extinguishers
6.1.1 Selection
6.1.2 General
6.1.3 Large tanks
6.1.4 LP Gas or other flammable gases
6.1.5 Flammable liquids
6.1.6 Boats with accommodation
6.1.7 Location and mounting
6.2 Fixed fire extinguishing system
6.2.1 General
6.2.2 Activation
6.2.3 Test facility
6.3 Inboard engine compartments
7 Owner’s manual
7.1 General
7.2 Contents
Appendix A
A.1 Scope
A.2 Outboard installations
A.3 Inboard installations
Appendix B
B.1 Scope
B.2 Principle
B.3 Determination of flotation material required for basic swamped flotation
B.4 Guide to the volume and placement of flotation material required for level swamped flotation
B.4.1 Location of flotation material
B.4.2 Method of calculation
Appendix C
C.1 Scope
C.2 Preconditioning
C.3 Tests and assessment
C.3.1 Symmetrical fully-laden angle of heel test
C.3.2 Asymmetrical partially-laden angle of heel test
C.3.3 Unladen angle of heel test
Appendix D
D.1 Scope
D.2 Watertight compartments
D.3 Capacity of pump
D.4 Pump details
D.5 Piping
D.5.1 Material
D.5.2 Pipe diameter
D.5.3 Pipe joints
D.5.4 Tail pipes
D.5.5 Strainers
D.5.6 Back-flooding
D.6 Bilge level alarms
Appendix E
E.1 Weathertightness
E.2 Watertightness
Appendix F
F.1 Scope
F.2 Test conditions
F.3 Test course
F.4 Procedure
F.5 Evaluation
F.6 Warning notice
F.7 Report
Appendix G
G.1 Scope
G.2 Classification and rating of fire extinguishers
G.2.1 General
G.2.2 Class A fires
G.2.3 Class B fires
G.2.4 Class C fires
G.2.5 Class D fires
G.2.6 Electrical hazards
G.2.7 Class F fires
G.3 Types of portable fire extinguishers
Appendix H
H.1 Scope
H.2 Background
H.3 Applicable requirements
Appendix I
I.1 Scope
I.2 Subject boat
I.3 Maximum power capacity
I.4 Maximum load capacity
I.5 Maximum persons capacity
I.6 Total mass of persons
Amendment control sheet
AS 1799.1:2021
Amendment No. 1 (2022)
Revised text amendment
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Safety glazing for land vehicles
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