AS 1742.1:2014


Manual of uniform traffic control devices, Part 1: General introduction and index of signs

Specifies road sign classifications, numbering systems and basic design requirements in terms of colour and shape coding. Provides an illustrated index of all road signs and sign types which have a standard sign number, and includes references to other Standards in the AS 1742 series which cover usage of each sign.
Published: 19/08/2014
Pages: 120
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Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Classification of signs
1.5 Number of signs and sign components
1.5.1 Signs
1.5.2 Symbols for tourist service signs
1.6 Basic elements of signs
1.6.1 General
1.6.2 Shape
1.6.3 Colour
1.6.4 Lettering
1.6.5 Symbols
1.6.6 Reflectorization and illumination General Means of illumination Means of reflectorization
1.6.7 Distance indication
1.7 Sign size
1.8 Non-Standard signs
1.9 Responsibility and authority for installation on public roads
1.10 Private roads
2 Regulatory signs
2.1 General
2.2 Sign function
2.3 Shape, colour and message
2.4 Index of regulatory signs
2.4.1 Movement series—R1
2.4.2 Direction series—R2
2.4.3 Pedestrian series—R3
2.4.4 Speed series—R4
2.4.5 Parking series—R5
2.4.6 Miscellaneous series—R6
2.4.7 Exclusive-use lane series—R7
2.4.8 Bicycle/pedestrian series—R8
2.4.9 Supplementary plates for general use—R9
3 Warning signs
3.1 General
3.2 Sign function
3.3 Shape, colour and message
3.4 Index of warning signs
3.4.1 Alignment series—W1
3.4.2 Intersection series—W2
3.4.3 Advance warning of traffic control device series—W3
3.4.4 Road width, low and narrow clearance series—W4
3.4.5 Road obstacle series—W5
3.4.6 Pedestrian, bicycle and school series—W6
3.4.7 Railway crossing series—W7
3.4.8 Supplementary plate series—W8
3.4.9 Modified intersection series—W9
4 Guide signs
4.1 General
4.2 Classification and numbering
4.3 Basic design
4.3.1 Shape
4.3.2 Colour
4.4 Index of guide signs
4.4.1 Advance direction series—G1
4.4.2 Major intersection direction (Type 1) series—G2
4.4.3 Minor intersection direction (Type 2) and (Type 3)—G3
4.4.4 Reassurance direction series—G4
4.4.5 Street name and pedestrian direction series—G5
4.4.6 Geographical feature series—G6
4.4.7 Service series—G7
4.4.8 Route marker series—G8
4.4.9 Traffic instruction series—G9
4.4.10 Kilometre posts—G10
4.4.11 Tourist series—G11
4.4.12 Expressway direction series—GE Expressway advance direction series—GE1 Expressway exit direction series—GE2 Expressway reassurance direction series—GE4 Expressway information series—GE6 Expressway service series—GE7 Expressway traffic instruction series—GE9 Expressway tourist series—GE11
5 Temporary signs
5.1 General
5.2 Sign function
5.3 Basic design
5.3.1 Shape
5.3.2 Colour
5.4 Index of signs for works on roads and temporary hazards
5.4.1 Advance series—T1
5.4.2 Position series—T2
5.4.3 Road condition series—T3
5.4.4 Special hazard series—T4
5.4.5 Traffic diversion series—T5
5.4.6 Vehicle mounted series—T6
5.4.7 Hand banner series—T7
5.4.8 Pedestrian series—T8
6 Hazard markers
6.1 General
6.2 Function
6.3 Basic design
6.4 Index of hazard markers
Appendix A
Cited references in this standard
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Parking facilities — Off-street car parking
Development, testing and implementation of information and safety symbols and symbolic signs
Standard alphabets for road signs
Content history
DR AS 1742.1