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AS 1418.1:2021


Cranes, hoists and winches, Part 1: General requirements

Specifies the general requirements for cranes, hoists, winches, and their components, and appliances intended to carry out similar functions, as defined in AS 2549 and ISO 4306 (series). Excludes powered industrial trucks as defined in AS 2359.
Published: 29/01/2021
Pages: 20
Table of contents
Cited references
Content history
Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Application
1.2.1 General
1.2.2 Contact surface temperature
1.3 Normative references
1.4 Terms and definitions
1.5 New designs, innovations and design methods
1.6 Risk assessment
2 Classification of cranes
3 Materials for cranes
3.1 Scope of section
3.2 Material specifications
4 Crane loads
4.1 Scope of section
4.2 Determination of crane loads
4.3 Wind loads
4.4 Seismic loads
5 Design of crane and supporting structures
6 Stability
7 Crane mechanisms
8 Electrical equipment and controls
9 Hydraulic equipment and controls
10 Pneumatic equipment and controls
11 Operational design
12 Manufacture and construction
12.1 Scope of section
12.2 Materials
12.3 Fabrication and assembly
12.4 Rework
12.5 Finish
12.6 Draining
12.7 Access and clearances
12.8 Repairs
13 Inspection and testing
14 Marking
14.1 Scope of section
14.2 General
14.3 Marking
15 Operating environment
15.1 General
15.2 Indoor installation
15.2.1 Normal indoor service conditions
15.2.2 Special service conditions
15.3 Outdoor installation
15.3.1 Normal outdoor service conditions
15.3.2 Special service conditions
15.4 Hazardous areas
16 Manuals
16.1 General
16.2 Crane operator’s manual
16.3 Maintenance manual
16.4 Service record (logbook)
16.5 Parts book
Appendix A
Cited references in this standard
Cranes — Limiting and indicating devices, Part 1: General (ISO 10245-1:2008, MOD)
Cranes — Cabins and control stations, Part 1: General (ISO 8566-1:2010, MOD)
Cranes — Tolerances for wheels and travel and traversing tracks, Part 1: General (ISO 12488-1:2012, MOD)
Cranes, hoists and winches — Glossary of terms
Safety of machinery — Electrical equipment of machines, Part 32: Requirements for hoisting machines (IEC 60204-32:2008 (ED.2.0) MOD)
Content history
[Available Superseded]
DR AS 1418.1:2020
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