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AS 1324.2-2003

[Pending Revision]

Air filters for use in general ventilation and airconditioning, Part 2: Methods of test

Provides a method for laboaratory or bench testing of air filters used in general ventilation and airconditioning systems.
Published: 08/05/2003
Pages: 33
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope and general
1.1 Scope
1.2 Referenced documents
1.3 General information
1.4 Definitions
2 Initial resistance
2.1 Scope
2.2 Application
2.3 Principle
2.4 Apparatus and materials
2.5 Procedure
2.6 Test report
3 Mass stabilization
3.1 Scope
3.2 Application
3.3 Principle
3.4 Apparatus and materials
3.5 Procedure
3.6 Test report
4 Test Dust No.1—Efficiency test
4.1 Scope
4.2 Applicaton
4.3 Principle
4.4 Composition
4.5 Notation
4.6 Apparatus
4.6.1 General
4.6.2 Air sample size
4.7 Procedure
4.7.1 Routine test preparation
4.7.2 Zero efficiency test
4.7.3 Test procedure
4.8 Calculations
4.9 Test report
5 Test Dust No.4—Gravimetric tests
5.1 Scope
5.2 Principle
5.3 Apparatus, materials and reagents
5.4 Procedure
5.5 Calculations
5.5.1 Arrestance
5.5.2 Average arrestance
5.5.3 Dust holding capacity
5.6 Test report
6 Effectiveness of renewing mechanism
6.1 Scope
6.2 Principle
6.3 Apparatus and materials
6.4 Test sample filter
6.5 Procedure
6.6 Test report
7 Test Dusts Nos 2 and 3—Special tests
7.1 Scope
7.2 Application
7.3 Gravimetric tests
7.4 Effectiveness of renewing mechanism test
7.5 Test dust composition
7.6 Test reports
8 Test reports
8.1 Reports
8.2 Graphs
8.3 Preliminary information
8.4 Information
8.4.1 Initial resistance test
8.4.2 Mass stabilization test
8.4.3 Efficiency/arrestance test
8.4.4 Gravimetric tests
8.4.5 Effectiveness of renewing mechanism test
8.5 Deviations from standard test procedure
Appendix A
A1 Condition of air
A2 Test rig
A2.1 Ductwork
A2.2 Inlet section
A2.3 Filter housing
A2.4 Outlet section
A2.5 Fan
A3 Pressure gauge
A4 Compressed air supply
A5 Orifice plate manometer
A6 Filter resistance manometer
A7 Wander lead
A8 Accessory items
A9 Connections
A10 Balances
A11 Gravimetric dust feeder
A12 Items applicable to Test Dust No.1, efficiency test
A12.1 Atomizer
A12.2 Sample tubes
A12.3 Gas meters
A12.4 Photometer
A12.5 Sampling test papers
A13 Materials
A13.1 Test Dust No. 1
A13.2 Test Dust No. 4
A13.3 Test Dusts Nos. 2 and 3
A13.4 Particle size
A14 Compressred air flowmeter
A14.1 Type and capacity
A14.2 Regulator valve
A15 Test filter sample preparation
Cited references in this standard
Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits, Part 1.1: Pressure differential methods — Measurement using orifice plates, nozzles or Venturi tubes — Conduits with diameters from 50 mm to 1200 mm
Separative devices — Biological and cytotoxic drug safety cabinets, clean workstations and pharmaceutical isolators — Methods of test
Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum gauges
[Pending Revision]
Air filters for use in general ventilation and airconditioning, Part 1: Application, performance and construction
Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes, Part 3.6.3: Soil classification tests — Determination of the particle size distribution of a soil — Standard method of fine analysis using an hydrometer
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