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AS 11801.5:2019


Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises, Part 5: Data centres (ISO/IEC 11801-5:2017, MOD)

Included in Key Standards supporting Generic Cabling in all premises types
The objective of this Standard is to specify generic cabling within and to the computer room spaces of data centre premises, or data centre spaces within other types of buildings. It covers balanced cabling and optical fibre cabling.
Published: 24/05/2019
Pages: 56
Table of contents
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Table of contents
About this publication
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms
3.1 Terms and definitions
3.2 Abbreviated terms
4 Conformance
5 Structure of the generic cabling system
5.1 General
5.2 Functional elements
5.3 General structure and hierarchy
5.4 Cabling subsystems
5.4.1 General
5.4.2 Network access cabling subsystem
5.4.3 Main distribution cabling subsystem
5.4.4 Intermediate distribution cabling subsystem
5.4.5 Zone distribution cabling subsystem
5.4.6 Design objectives
5.5 Accommodation of functional elements
5.6 Interfaces
5.6.1 Equipment interfaces and test interfaces
5.6.2 Channels and links
5.7 Dimensioning and configuring
5.7.1 Distributors
5.7.2 Redundancy
5.7.3 External network interface
5.7.4 Cables
5.7.5 Equipment cords
5.7.6 Patch cords and jumpers
5.7.7 Equipment outlets
5.7.8 LDP
5.7.9 Building entrance facilities
5.8 Earthing and equipotential bonding
6 Channel performance requirements
6.1 General
6.2 Environmental performance
6.3 Transmission performance
6.3.1 General
6.3.2 Balanced cabling
6.3.3 Optical fibre cabling
7 Link performance requirements
7.1 General
7.2 Balanced cabling
7.3 Optical fibre cabling
8 Reference implementations
8.1 General
8.2 Balanced cabling
8.2.1 Assumptions
8.2.2 Zone distribution cabling Component choice Dimensions
8.2.3 Cabling between distributors Component choice Dimensions
8.2.4 Network access cabling Component choice Dimensions
8.3 Optical fibre cabling
8.3.1 General
8.3.2 Component choice
8.3.3 Dimensions
9 Cable requirements
9.1 General
9.2 Balanced cables
9.3 Optical fibre cables
10 Connecting hardware requirements
10.1 General requirements
10.1.1 Overview
10.1.2 Location
10.1.3 Design
10.1.4 Operating environment
10.1.5 Mounting
10.1.6 Installation practices
10.1.7 Marking and colour coding
10.2 Connecting hardware for balanced cabling
10.2.1 General requirements
10.2.2 Performance marking
10.2.3 Mechanical characteristics Connecting hardware of the type used at the ENI Connecting hardware of the type used at the EO Pin and pair assignments at the EO Electrical characteristics ENI and EO requirements Other connecting hardware
10.3 Connecting hardware for optical fibre cabling
10.3.1 General requirements
10.3.2 ENI requirements
10.3.3 EO requirements
10.3.4 Optical fibre assignments at the EO
10.3.5 Other connecting hardware
11 Requirements for cords and jumpers
11.1 Jumpers
11.2 Balanced cords
11.3 Optical fibre cords
Annex A
A.1 General
A.2 Requirements
Annex B
B.1 General
B.2 Use cases for high density connecting hardware
Annex C
C.1 General
C.2 Data centre minimum configuration
C.3 End of Row concept
C.4 Middle of Row concept
C.5 Top of Rack concept
C.6 End of Row and Middle of Row concept with redundancy
C.7 Top of Rack concept with redundancy
C.8 End of Row concept with full redundancy
C.9 Top of Rack concept with redundancy
Annex D
D.1 General
D.2 Data centre fabric fat-tree
D.3 Data centre fabric full-mesh
D.4 Data centre fabric interconnected meshes
D.5 Data centre fabric centralized switch
D.6 Data centre fabric virtual switch
Appendix ZZ
ZZ.1 Scope
ZZ.2 Variations
Cited references in this standard
Content history
DR AS 11801.5:2018
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