Contract Standards and Licensing

Our copyright license agreements can range from the usage of specific extracts to fully editable and customisable contract standards.

Our bespoke licensing agreements allow you to select exactly what standards content you need for your business, while giving you the confidence of having all the right permissions in place.

Licensing solutions

Contract standards
Construction contract templates designed to guide and assist procurement administrators and lawyers. Contract standards are delivered in a fully editable Microsoft Word® format that you can customise to accommodate your RFT/RFQ specifications.
Standards extracts
An extract of a full standard, such as an illustration, graph, or paragraph of text. This content can be reproduced or incorporated into your training materials, reports, tenders, and more.
Full standards
A full copy of a standard can be used as a reference document in a variety of legal matters including courts, tribunals and hearings.
Make an enquiry

To make an enquiry, please email [email protected] and include as much detail as you can about your licensing needs.

For example:

  • Your full name
  • Business name
  • ABN
  • Address
  • The standard/s you wish to licence (e.g., AS 4000-1997 – Full Standard; AS 4000-1997 – Annexures only, etc.)
  • The licence term (1 month – 12 months)
  • Do you already have an editable MS Word format of the standard/s?
  • How many copies of the standard/s will be distributed outside your organisation during the licence term (including to tenderers)?
  • If you're licencing an editable contract standard, how many individuals will be editing the standard/s?
  • Any other comments

If you are unsure about any of the above, please provide as much information as you can, and we will happily assist you further.